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Dungeon roller - after the update?

edited July 2013 in General Posts: 68

On my ipad 1 the demo is not "playable" anymore. I can't controll the hero anymore big lags and the speed bursts. Is this an ipad 1 problem or does it affect other series too?


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    I'm not having issues on my iPad 3.

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    My ipad ... hangs up a lot lately :( and makes trouble.
    Hoped it would run untill the ipad 5 is in the store.
    Well I got a good deal today and ordered an ipad 4.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @DaDo could you try adding the line spriteBatching(false) to the setup() function of Dungeon Roller and running it? Does it make a difference?

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    @Simeon: Today the demo works fine - just a lot faster than before the update :)
    The behaviour yesterday is probably the result of my malfunctioning ipad.

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    Got the New iPad ... Woahhh ... Big step from ipad1 to ipad4 :-B

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