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Screen recording

edited July 2013 in General Posts: 1,595

Is there a function in codea to use the built in screen recorder to record videos as I need to use the record button with FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS


  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    Yes there is. But i cant remember, itwas in a post of simeon. Something with 'record'... Someone will tell you, just wait.

  • edited July 2013 Posts: 372

    It's startRecording(). Just check the refrence you'll get the exact thing. There's also stop recording.

  • Posts: 1,976

    startRecording(), stopRecording(), and isRecording().

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    Got it thanks!

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    Oooooooo, I have a great idea for using these in my RPG. A friend and I came up with a cool idea of an RPG game recording key moments (such as boss fights or crucial cutscenes) and then putting them all together to essentially build your own custom movie. So when you beat the game, you could watch a recap of your whole adventure. :D

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    Haha thats pretty cool! It'd be good if it could record different angles while you play..but I don't think the record tool would be good for that idea as it drops the frame rate to about half

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    I don't think it is possible to play videos in Codea right now

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