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Snooker simulation

IgnatzIgnatz Mod
edited July 2013 in Code Sharing Posts: 5,396


This is unfinished (doesn't allow for all the rules) but is really a proof of concept, that it is possible to make quite a high quality snooker game with decent shooting controls. You turn the iPad to aim.

I've blogged about creating this starting here:
(It started out as pool but it's too hard making 3D pool balls because of the numbers and patterns (drawing them isn't hard, but modelling all the spinning is. So I changed to snooker, a game with plain colour balls).


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    Wow, thats superb! Good job :)

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    Great blog posts on it!

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    Super hot) - Examples like this are real source of inspiration and a challenge to compete. It also unveils Codea's potential, which is just great..

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    nice game :-$ ^:)^

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