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Sprite making tool

edited July 2013 in General Posts: 4

I need an app that you can make sprites on!?


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    Check out the example project Spritely

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    I recommend making sprites on your PC (eg, free) or mac, also there are a few iPad apps that can do it.

    Spritely only does very small images and doesn't store them efficiently.

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    If you want to create them on your iPad then check out Sprite Something ( You can save your sprites to drop box which makes hem easy to import into Codea.

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    I use graphicsGale on the PC.

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    Here is the modified version of Spritely I have been using.

    You can change size up to 64 and the paper icon now saves images directly to your documents.

    It isn't very hard to modify it even more with things such as custom width and height (so sprites don't necessarily have to be square), where it saves images, maybe adding a zoom function for large images, etc.

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    +1 to Sprite Something ipad app.


    It gives you so many options on how to export your sprites
    As a sheet
    Individual frames
    As a gif
    Etc and so on
    It evens gives the numerical data of the sprite sheet and it sends it right to your email or anything like that its really sublime and you can make tiles on it it too

    Have a blessed day everybody JESUS IS LORD!

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    I use on my windoz machine. It would be nice to have a tool on the ipad when I don't feel like getting the laptop out. I may give Sprite Something a look.

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    Im using sprite something :)

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