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Play my Game in iPhone

edited July 2013 in General Posts: 355

Hi ... Today i finished my Game in my iPad , but i want run my Game in the iPhone .. Is that possible ??
I looking for in the Apple store but i can't find it



  • edited July 2013 Posts: 355

    codea play ?? how i get dat ? [-O<

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
    Posts: 1,542

    You can build it in xcode for your phone.

  • edited July 2013 Posts: 355

    ok .. and I never worked with xcode and excuse my ignorance, but then I can run my codes editor made in codea ?? @briarfox

  • Posts: 355

    But in xcode ofcourse ....

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
    edited July 2013 Posts: 1,542

    You create your game in codea. You long press the project and click export. It will export to xcode format. Load it into xcode and select the build environment.

  • Posts: 355

    Perfect thanks @briarfox

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