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edited July 2013 in General Posts: 100

I finally decided to get off the fence and buy Codea, got it today but its not working.

When I load it, it crashes straight back to my ipad desktop!!

Its a 32gb wifi ipad2.

Does Codea not support the ipad2 now? :(

Can you make it ipad2 compatible in the future? If not, can
I have a refund!!


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    It is iPad 2 compatible but I think there are different stabilities with different iOS versions so it could be your on wrong firmware?

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    I'm using ios 6.0

    I've not updated to the latest ios because my ipad is jailbroken (only to use emulators and Wii-remote controls)

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    Tried doing a restart and closing other apps first?

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    We have nothing against jailbreaks, it can help in app development anyway, but aside from that try doing what pbb76 said if not then upgrade to 6.1.2 and jailbreak that, that should fix it if nothing else does

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited July 2013 Posts: 8,453

    I'm using a 16gb iPad 1 with iOS 5.1.1 and the latest version of Codea and not having any problems. If it still works for me, it should work for anything later than what I have.

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    I have closed all the other running apps, did a hard reset and still its the same.

    I really don't know what the problem is, I really don't want to update my ios version.


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Paul123 do you have any tweaks installed that might interfere with Codea? I'm not too familiar with jailbroken iPads, hopefully we can resolve this for you.

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    I really don't know what you mean by tweaks but the only jb apps I have are emulators of old systems. ie: Mame, gba emulator and the like.

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    Well in my experience Paul, the update has always fixed app problems and such, Id keep it as a last resort if this can't get fixed any other 'softer' way

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    @Paul123 Have you tried deleting Codea and re-installing?

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    I'm using ios 6.0.1 and 32 GB on iPad2 not jlb
    Codea works fine with all codea's versions

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    I've not deleted it and re-downloaded no. Good idea, I'll try it asap.

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    24 hrs later and still no go. Have tried everything but updating my ios which I really don't want to do.

    As its non-functional, may I have a refund? (It has been deleted now)

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    Well, sorry we couldn't help @Paul123

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    Yeah I'm sorry too, sorry I can't use it.

    How do I get refunded or is my money gone??

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    @Paul123 Have you tried a ipad restart? Hold the power and home button until the apple logo appears then disapears. Then turn on the iPad. I'd have the app installed when you try this. It has fixed apps for me in the past.

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    I don't see why you wouldn't get a refund if you absolutely choose not to use the software

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,453

    I would say get rid of the jailbreak. You are missing out on one fantastic app.

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    I definitely agree with @dave1707. This app is the best $10 I ever spent. When I first got my iPad, I contemplated jail breaking it, but came to the conclusion it wasn't even worth it. The only things I wanted to accomplish with a jailbreak was to access all the files on the iPad and be able to download a torrent every now and then. After some research I found that both of these can be accomplished using specific programs or apps in combination with certain websites. For the most part, almost everything useful about a jail broken iPad can be accomplished with some sort of workaround.

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
    Posts: 3,297

    @Slashin8r i think just the opposite! The jailbreak makes simple, normal things just as simple and normal as they should be. I couldnt use the ipad without. But this is just my personal opinion.

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    My iPad is jailbroken, my codea doesn't run any differently to the next persons

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    1: Yes, I tried a hard reset. Didnt work still.

    2: Its not a case of choosing not to use it, I cannot use it :(

    3: I'm sorry but theres no way I'm losing the jailbreak, I would not be able to play my emulators without it and thats what I play the most.

    I've tried soft resets, hard resets, re downloading but its the same. I'm left having to ask for a refund, its not what I want, I'd rather have codea working but I can't and I can't really afford to throw that kind of money away, hence asking for a refund.

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    @Paul123, ah gotcha. I totally forgot about emulators on an iPad. I use my laptop for them :D

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    You can take a backup of all your tweaks on cydia and then restore using tiny umbrella to 6.0 (I think it supports ipad 2 for that) and then try downloading codea again. If it still doesn't work, which I think is not possible then you can always jailbreak again. And you'll have the backup of cydia tweaks too.

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    I think we're set on a refund, obviously if willing to change ipad version, that will fix it. Otherwise I think there's only one way

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    To be honest my friend did the jailbreaking for me and set the emulators up for me. If I changed the ios version I would have to ask him to do it all again. This is why I didnt want to do that.

    I don't mean to be a pain in the backside, I really would prefer to have codea working than get a refund.

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    Well I mean you can try a factory reset but you'll lose all your local data, you'll keep your jail break but it should fix some apps that don't work. There are many tutorials on how to download emulators and such, just type it in on cydia

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    I emailed apple for a refund, got a reply yesterday that said no, seems because I had a refund in April for a broken game it means I can't get a refund for this, even though its not working at all.

    So I paid £7 for nothing, also whats even more frustrating is that a friend of mine has an ipad3 and if I could gift him my codea it wouldn't feel like a total loss but apple wont allow you to transfer apps it seems. Tbh I'm very angry and feel ripped off :(

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    Well Paul, if your friend is a close friend you can allow him to sign in to your account to download it, this works because iOS isn't a multiple user operating system and because of this apps don't get need to be authorised. On the other hand, if the problem really is that you don't want to lose your jailbreak and emulators then message me and I can help you upgrade and re-jailbreak your iPad. I can point you to the cydia sources that contain the emulators and roms too. Codea is a great tool and certainly shouldn't be a waste of money for anyone so I hope you can resolve this

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    I don't have a jail broken iPad and I still have emulators.

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    Okay Mason. Now use a Wii remote to play the emulated game.
    ...oh wait, you can't because apple block that unless you've jb your machine.

    Touchscreen controls for stuff like Mame games is really poor, bordering on the unplayable. Using a jb to enable Wii mote control, suddenly the games are good and playable.

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