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Stops drawing, or retains previous program artifacts

edited October 2011 in Bugs Posts: 1

I tried pasting in the Particles code into a new project. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it just shows a blank screen. The code appears to be running, though; his program "exceeds lua limits" if you hold your finger down too long. If it shows a blank screen, then other programs like the Cloth Simulation will also not draw on the screen.

As of now, Cloth Simulator will not draw to the screen at all; how can I reset Codify?

I'm using IOS 5 on an iPad 1.

Thanks for Codify; I've been waiting for something like this!


  • DylanDylan Admin Mod
    Posts: 121

    There seem to be a bug in the renderer when drawing circles. Occasionally it will stop drawing anything! We are looking into this and will fix it in a future release.

    For a workaround, we have noticed that drawing a rectangle can get things going again.

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