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Dropbox and sprites in subdirs (ANSWERED)

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One can store text data in a subdir of the Dropbox "Dropbox/Apps/Codea" directory. (Ex: "Dropbox/Apps/Codea/MyProject/userdata"--this works fine. The question is: is it possible to store sprites in "Dropbox/Apps/Codea/MyProject/progdata", and if so, how do you reference them in readImage()? I tried various combinations in readImage() like "Dropbox:spritepack:myprojectname:progdata:" and "Dropbox:myprojectname:progdata:" and they didn't work.


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    yep it's possible ! but the syntax is : readImage("Dropbox:myprojectname/progdata")
    And you need to create directory in dropbox before and sync in codea.

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    Hey, that works! Thanks.

    To make it clear for anyone else reading this, if you have a sprite at the Dropbox pathname:


    you specify it in readImage like this:

    img = readImage("Dropbox:myproject/progdata/sprite")
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    Useful info, thanks for sharing

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