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  • I'm partial to the southern east coast beach US build of that. The rich crosssection of syntax as
    in "y'all dewds" is unmatched elsewhere. I still use the pure southern build for obfuscation as in "a couple three" which loosely translates into a few or some.

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    Four o'clock in the afternoon, the time when you begin broiling things for dinner.
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    @jlslate I must say that English is my favorite language too!

    I'm not a programmer but occasionally, more out of curiosity and dilettantism than anything else, I've dabbled with (in historical order): hypercard, scheme, smalltalk, quartz composer, and now lua.

    I like the idea of graphic programming languages. I'm currently fooling around with a Codea made interpreter for programming with colors rather than words...

    (A way of making friends with image.get() and image.set())

  • Hm, i like German best. Its the First One ive learned ;)

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    I started coding with Ectended BASIC on a TI 99/4, moved to assembly, UCSD Pascal, and then spent a decade working variants of Pascal and C. Wrote Mac programs in 1984 in C, and i can tell you that while it was a blast, i do not miss the pointers, handles, pointers to pointers, pointers to handles, etc.

    Turbo Pascal and its follow on, Delphi, took me through a decade of PC programming, with an interlude of VB (you have to make a living), then moved to Java when the web paradigm came on strong. Never did any perl. Have done some Ruby, and in the past a little Forth and even Prolog.

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    @jlslate - You might try LiveCode. I love it. My first language was Spanish.

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    Turbo pascal (3.0) rocked. It rocks to this day. I wrote my first "significant" code in turbo pascal.

    I want turbopascaldea!

  • Maybe we can convince Philippe Kahn to come out of retirement and Yacht racing to help bring back his anchor product! Back to the future, as it were.

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    Wow... We are off topic. But the closest thing to "languagea" would be Textastic (my favorite code editor). It even supports LiveCode. You can also create your own syntax and ask for one. That's what I use for some things.

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    Alright- I'm redoing the conversation to make it clearer. It's under development.

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    The best threads are the ones that veer wildly off-topic.

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    @Bortels has a point. A good one too. I even changed the name of the post for you.

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    I redid everything in the main discussion. Reread it and please give feedback.

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    Ah... What do you think then...

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    Next idea is going to be helpful a lot in large chunks of code:
    17. Be able to tap and hold on the right edge of the screen to scroll down the text just like in pages. Sometimes code I go from Spritely are extremely long.

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    How did I miss this one:
    18. Add the ability to search your code.
    19. Use AirPrint to print your code. Ask the user if they want the text to be color coded or to be just black text.

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    I do feel like I am talking to myself...

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     I do feel like I am talking to myself...

    Mr. Zoyt. No worries. In one way or another we all are. One of my personal gods (named, oddly enough, Blanchot) referred to it as The Infinite Conversation.

    You are a good host and this is a good discussion thread.

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    Missing this feature drives me crazy:
    20. Add the variables below

    spriteSize(sprite or variable)
    spriteSizewScale(sprite or variable)

    They all will return a string or number of the answer.

  • The reason for the lack of comments is there are already so many great ideas for improvement, many from you.

    TwoLivesLeft provides far more free additional features quicker than most apps.

    It's not uncommon to have many more ideas than time. In fact we've had the issue at work for years (and other places I've been as well).

    TwoLivesLeft can proceed however they wish, but, as users we can help a bit by organizing and prioritizing the outstanding requests.

    Your list is much better than most people would have done.

    Does this forum have any polling capability?

    Someone could organize the request into categories (possibly in the wiki) We could vote on the most popular categories and also on the most popular single item even if they are within of a category. Then revote from time to time. That would ensure that people understand where their ideas fit on the path somewhat. Knowing TwoLivesLeft general opinions may help as well. We have to remember at this point we are getting a free ride of sorts.

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    That's a good idea. For the heck of it, I migh set up a Polldaddy poll with all the wanted features for everyone to vote on. I do wish that Two Lives Left would tell us where they're going with the update like App cookery does.

  • Actually outside of the posted plan, they pepper the forums with "I like this or that"

    Sometimes when you go to code something it turns out to bring up more questions that need considered. Also things take time to test, we've only seen the most minor slips get though their cycle.

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    Lots of suggestions are good, IMHO - if we have a robust list of what we want, and we all talk about how awesome it might be (or how boring, or what a horrible idea), that gives twolivesleft the info they need to plan future features - if they are going to add GPS positioning (just an example), and nobody cares... maybe they move onto something EVERYONE WANTS - like sockets. (M00HAHAHAHAHaaaa...)

    As someone who often replies to their own posts - it's perfectly ok. :-)

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    Regarding 20., some of those features are in there and the rest are coming.

    To query state, just call the state-setting function without arguments, e.g.

    currentRectMode = rectMode() currentDisplayMode = displayMode()

    Currently this works for displayMode, backingMode, rectMode, spriteMode, ellipseMode. We'll be adding it for fill, stroke, strokeWidth, lineCapMode and tint. The transform will be query-able through a currentMatrix() function when we introduce a Matrix class.

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    "... when we introduce a Matrix class". AIEEEEE!!!

    That was a good aiee. Not just for 2D/3D transforms - Matrices are useful for plenty of things.

    Me Want.

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    But I thought tables were the "be-all, end-all" for lua. (But I do prefer real matrices.)


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    Don't get too excited @Bortels. Just when I thought about how much I would use sockets, I decided to change it to item 6 instead of 16.

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    I want sockets so bad I can taste it - but I am also a realist. If you think .codea scared Apple, wait until they get sockets in their sights. It's all rather silly - javascript in mobile safari can do far more - but anything that does I/O with the real world is gonna spook them, justified or not, and I think we're better off without spooking Apple more than we have to.

    The thing with Matrices and Matrix math is this - they're deeply handy for a lot of high end effects (like the transforms we've talked about - Imagine being able to take a giant sequence of transform/scale/rotate and stuff we can't easily do like skew, and fold them all into a SINGLE command), and they'll be much faster implemented natively than if they're done in straight Lua - and there is ZERO chance Apple will care, because it's just math. So - it's easy to say put it in, it's not going to affect the appeals process.

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    iMame and iDOS scared apple with iMame straight from Cydia. I would love to send all the Cydia apps to apple at once on multiple devolper accounts. We might get some good ones with that. Apple also declined all the features of Launch Center (meant to make Notification Center app launching. It was almost straight from the Chdia store.

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    So many ideas...
    21. Advance watch and parameter. Here's the code: parameter(name, min, max, current, x , y). The x and y are where the slider is placed on the screen. If those variables are null, it's placed in the side bar. That way, there can be parameters in full screen mode.
    22. Add bparameter(name, current, x, y) wich adds a parameter with an on/off switch.
    23. New screen sizes: IPHONE_SIZE and IPHONE_SIZE_NO_BUTTONS. Tht prepares us for the Codea Viewer.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    bparameter is a good one. Also fparameter for a function parameter, which shows up as a button.

    Unsure about allowing sliders to leave their box, that's a maybe.

    Regarding the Codea Viewer app, I've nearly finished making it. But given the latest round with Apple we will have to see whether it will just be a showcase, or actually allow code import.

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    @Simeon I'd be very happy with such new parameters. I find myself regularly using Codea as a graphic exploratory tool and make grand use of the existing parameter sliders... given this and the fact that I regularly have a long scrolling list of parameters in the parameter pane I'd appreciate some consideration for the size or placement of the parameter components (a wee bit smaller perhaps?)

    Or would it be possible for a row of radio buttons to switch parameter sliders?

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    Blanchot: You could reuse the same slider. The slider controls a global parameter, but you can choose in your program to read that parameter into some other variable depending on the context.

    For the rest, take a look at my user interface stuff in my cube project. I have a few sliders and radio buttons in the menus.

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    Thanks for the tip Andrew I will look with more attention at your interface code.

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    Another parameter suggestion: dropdown() which takes a menu of options to choose from

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    ruilov: that's in my UI class.

    I guess I should document what my UI class does (and doesn't do) and how to use it.

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    That's cool. Your libs look great but i havent had the chance to dig in yet.

    Although my suggestion above is for a native dropdown in the paramarer frame in codea itself.

    Library mgmt is getting pretty hard btw. I have a simple UI lib that i'm using in every project. But when i fix bugs or extend functionality, it only helps that one project. So i keep a master copy but still hard to maintain

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    Completely agree with that last one. I have a "Library" project which is my "master" one and where I import all my files from for a new project, but when I update/fix bugs as I go along, getting them back in to the master is a bit of a process (I hook up to my Linux box and do lots of contextual diffs and the like).

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    @Simeon - Regaurding the Codea Viewer, export as a .vcodea which Codea can't read. Apple allows that. fparameter sounds cool. About letting parameters leave their box: I base a lot of my idea's off what could make it easier for the coding of Spritely. That's where I got the pasteboard idea. You had a good point.
    About the UI stuff, I am working on a sprite pack that makes it easy to draws the elements and functions that make it even easier to draw them. I may want some help because a am a slighting novice programmer. Let me know if you would like to help. (PM me). I'm almost done with the graphics.
    24. Add ability to read .lua files.

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    If you want to know, I'm about 1/2 way done with the mockup (it's gonna be a large file...)

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    re. ".vcodea" - Apple will be fine with the export, I suspect. They'll just disallow ".codea" or ".vcodea" or any other file import into the player app, as it's executable code they didn't approve.

    Why it's ok if it's cut and pasted, but not if it's imported, that's anyone's guess. Mine is: Apple would rather it not be OK cut and pasted, but has no gross horror stories to point at, so can't just outlaw it without pretty damn significant backlash. This is a case where an unwillingness to admit what they probably consider internally to be a mistake is working for us. PR is important to them, and doing something that would mainly harm students and teachers, knowingly, is a stretch even at their most dastardly.

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    If it is a showcase app, is that open source one where we could submit our apps to apple?

  • BortelsBortels Mod
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    If TLL includes all the code, and Apple vettes it all, they might allow it.

    My brain says if it came to that, I'd chuck the whole player app concept, frankly. I play with Codea in no small amount because submitting my code to Apple (and paying for the right to do so, don't forget, although in this case TLL would have already footed the bill) is something I won't do, at least not for stuff I intend to distribute for free. I see it as an intrusive barrier to entry for my altruism - it's a way of saying "Hey, want to contribute, to make our platform more functional? No - we don't trust you". Fine with me, their loss. I reserve the right to can my pissy attitude if I come up with something I'd actually want to sell. :-)

    Won't happen, but I want to see Codea in the Cydia store, with no restrictions. I wouldn't push for it while they're in the "legit" app store... but if Apple tightens the screws too much (and "Can't share .codea like you do now, and we've exhausted all appeals" seems right about the line), well, that's what I'd do, and/or make an Android version. Heresy, I know. That's me talking as a semi-disgruntled (with Apple, not TLL, who are all goodness and light) end-user, not official advice. My advice is OFTEN best listened to, then ignored. Including that piece of advice, WHOA ADVICE PARADOX TUNNEL...

    Hear this, and be afraid: If Codea had a no-restrictions version on Android, there's a very good chance I would switch platforms (by which I mean I'd buy a Samsung Crap-Tab, and abandon the ipad to the clutches of my daughters). I would follow, at a cost of hundreds of dollars, just to not have someone tell me what I can't do to salvage an edge-case of their business model. And - I hate Android. Or... sigh. "Hate" is a strong word. I am mildly annoyed in a long term way that really adds up at having to do the wrong thing for someone else's reasons. Is why I jailbroke my ipad (where I'm trying, again as a stunt, to see about a self-hosted javascript environment, using a local node.js as a server on the ipad, and Mobile Safari + Bespin (now called ace) as the front-end. It would make Apple's spine explode.)

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    I attempt to color within the lines up to a point.

    My son said a funny joke the other day ... "Since there's already and operation apple (technically operation rotten apple) would your one for Codea be operation Apple ii?"

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    @Bortels - It's a viewer app. You can't even read the code.

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    @zoyt - apple doesn't care if you can read the code. They care if someone can upload an app that they wouldn't allow in the app store. That's why they want .codea import gone - what if I upload, say, a phishing app disguised as,say, a world of Warcraft model viewer? ( not sure how I'd get the data out, but meh). Apple wants to vette and reject "bad" apps - this is why they killed flash.

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    Ah... I'll sleep on it.

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    I'm stumped. Good point @Bortels. Mabey @Simeon or someone who's working on Codea could contact apple about it; after all, he said he would contact them about code sharing.

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    I just thought about it more. Web apps: they can do a lot. The original iPhone was planned to be based off web apps. No AppStore (how would I live without it!). @Simeon could use that as an excuse.

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