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loading a text data file - is there a dummy's version?

edited August 2013 in General Posts: 6


bought and am running codea on an ipad mini.

so i'm just trying to do something extremely rudimentary with codea, to just get a hang of it and i'm falling flat on my face at the very outset.

what i'd like to do is simply load a text file into a string and do some operations to the text and then output the result to another text file... but i have no idea even how to load a text file! heck, i don't even know where to PUT it!

so here are my questions:

  1. where do i put my data.txt file on my ipad mini so that it is in a path that codea can see and load from.
  2. how do i get the data.txt file into that directory on my ipad mini?
  3. what is the exact code that i would use to load data.txt so that i could stuff it into a string?
  4. is there no native way in codea to do this? i have in fact done a search and i've come across some pretty complex methods for getting text into codea that i couldn't quite follow and usually leaving out vital bits of data like my q1... has there been no update to codea's ways of dealing with data files other than sprites?

everything else is my exercise to get a handle on codea but if anyone could help me out with those two sticking points, i would be grateful.




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