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Shader strange/cool bug?

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I was playing around with shaders and found this strange bug(?) when using empty variables

// // A basic fragment shader // //Default precision qualifier precision highp float; //This represents the current texture on the mesh uniform lowp sampler2D texture; //The interpolated vertex color for this fragment varying lowp vec4 vColor; //The interpolated texture coordinate for this fragment varying highp vec2 vTexCoord; void main() { //Sample the texture at the interpolated coordinate lowp vec4 col = texture2D( texture, vTexCoord ) * vColor; lowp vec3 shade; //Set the output color to the texture color gl_FragColor = vec4(col.rgb * shade, col.a); }


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    Can you explain what it does? I'm too lazy to paste it. :P

    Maybe a picture of video?

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    Interesting effect, seems to cause the colours to become distorted. It looks like the precision has some bearing over it, changing shade from lowpto highp produces a more obvious result (colour is removed and it becomes black) it also looks awesome using add or subtract instead of multiply but why it happens I don't know :D

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    Okay, wow, that is cool. I think that'd be an OpenGL bug though, not Codea.

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