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Help with app ideas

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I just got done developing my first app. Now I need to creat another one for fun. Have any ideas?


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    That's up to you. If you come up with some ideas, you can share them and the forums can give feedback. But we can't come up with it from scratch, that would make it our app.

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    I would suggest starting small: if you're interested in games, build a basic game first, such as a simple platformer or Lander style game. Get your brain wrapped around the idea of working in the game loop and building everything as objects.

    If you're interested in productivity apps, consider writing a checkbook manager.

    If you're a graphics person, maybe consider writing a paint or a draw program. (Paint programs are pixel based. Draw programs are vector based; you actually store the lines, circles, and boxes, rather than the bitmap.) People could use a good program to create assets for their Codea games.

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    I would do something graphical, that is what Codea is good at

    Things I've been playing with recently -
    * in space, with asteroids coming at you in (what looks like) 3D. Can be adapted for all sorts of games.

    * Planet pinball.

    * Lunar lander (mainly code from West).

    I would save your good ideas for when you can program well. Until then, the classic games will teach you a lot.

  • Yup.

    As I mentioned before. Lander games are a GREAT learning experience. You can start with sprites and simple collision detection, and you can have your lateral controls simply nudge the ship left and right.

    As you get more advanced, you can add in more complex collision detection, using meshes for your background, and you can use 2D trigonometry to tilt your ship and adjust your thrust vector.

    Then you can add aliens... weapon turrets... moving objects that you have to avoid... competitive elements (2 or more players). You could go 3D. You could add in-space docking. Orbital mechanics... the list goes on.

    That one game has so many possibilities that you could spend years on it and not get bored.

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    Or it doesn't have to be a game, maybe you could create a truth or dare app, where it gives you dare and truth ideas?

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