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edited December 2011 in Code Sharing Posts: 168

This is a Little Game i wrote yesterday. Its not finished yet, the multitouch is not includet, but i thought i share the idea ;) comment if you have suggestions, feedbacks are always Great!!


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    Looks interesting! I guess you will make the chests move to make it harder. How about trying one of the font classes to do the words?

  • How do you mean "make the chests move"?
    If you mean they move without the User touching them and confusing the user, well, i programmed this Game for 2 players, so one is confusing the other :)
    But i can try to make a version for One player too ( maybe i make another options-screen for selecting one or two Players), but this is gona be more work ;)

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    I didn't realise it was for two players... :)

  • New version, doesnt Start moving so late and moves more smoothly (does this Word exist?)

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