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ios 7 for ipad now has the correct functionality of the delete key like a pc! horray!

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This made me happy today :)



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    Are you talking about deleting spaces when deleting the beginning of a word?

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    Delete the letter in front instead of the one behind?

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    Personally, it's driving me up a wall.

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    Full time Mac users won't know what Gib is talking about, since Apple incorrectly labels the Backspace key on their keyboards as "Delete."

    In iOS 7, the DELETE key on a PC keyboard removes a character to the RIGHT of the insertion point. The BACKSPACE key removes the character on the LEFT of the insertion point.

    This makes me happy as well.

  • GibGib
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    I bet that was a fight internally at Apple. I picture one group supporting normalizing the keyboard to the pc definition and the leftist group refusing to be more pc like. Still makes me smile.

  • Well, Apple does have a history of making design decisions specifically to force users to work the way Apple wants, rather than adapting to users' needs... when Apple does get around to giving users what they want, it's usually after it's obvious that Apple has no other choice.

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