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Bug in aircode corrupts code

edited September 2013 in Bugs Posts: 13

When I use accentuated letters (as I make some comments in french), Aircode adds some extra code. Sometimes it generates hundreds of lines which slow down everything and are very difficult to clean.
Here are some examples.
Initial text :

Changes to :

Thanks for your help.



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    hello, I think it's because you have this keyboard or that language to be said so on your ipad, but not on your computer, and can take different letters codea update .... the same goes for emoji and other keyboards .. is my view, idk if it so

  • edited September 2013 Posts: 355
    this code is a example of your problem right?

    search the caracters line

  • Do you mean with this caracter hash # ?

  • edited October 2013 Posts: 355

    looking for line 16 and put on the table as emoji characters or different languages, then refresh on your code and see @leon_levy

  • I wrote
    caracteres = {"&é§è!çà"}
    In my browser I found
      caracteres = {"&é§è!çà"}
    On my IPad ocde is unchanged

    If I change code on my browser, like adding -- as a comment
    then on my Ipad code is changed to
      caracteres = {"&é§è!çà"} --

    Does it help finding from where comes my problem ?

    Thanks Luismi

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    ok I understand u @leon_levy, the problem is the characters that we and air code modifies it, and even in the code I gave you I have the same problem, I think we should wait for a next update of codyfy (codea) to see if that error is modified.

    if you can ask this question to @simeon, and rest assured that he will tell

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