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edited October 2013 in General Posts: 577

Hi guys, recently I was looking for a good, free 2d animator, and it looks like I found one! Its called Synfig and it runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Thought you guys might be interested.

Also, it can export as a sequence of images, instead of a entire video.

Also, is this spam? Or is it okay doing this?


  • Well in my opinion it's ok to do it, because this can help people in their quest for making games ;)

    and I'll take a look at it ;) thx in advance

  • Posts: 577

    No problem, it has a learning curve, but there are some pretty good tutorials out there to help you get started!

  • Well to be honost i never used animations before, but i'm in bed right now, laptop won't be on untill tommorow xD
    but i'm gonna try it asap

    for now i'm concentrating on fixing my textboxes... :/

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