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A entire project made by the community

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Hi guys, this has been in my head awhile and I want to know if you want to help in it.

Basically, I'm setting up a project that we can all work on (Kind of like a software team at a technology company) People whom are new to Codea can also join, but if they do not help out, and make everyone else do the work, no credit will be given. If the project succeeds, then we will put it on Codea Community and one if the members of it can put it on the appstore, if they list the names of the others who've helped, of course.



  • I'm in, but also jealous my projects like this never took off, but sounds like a fun oppurtunity.
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    @CodeaNoob Great, Thanks!

  • @Prynok, Do you have an Idea for a project in mind? Or will that be open for disscusion when we achieve enough people?

  • @Prynok, ofcourse I'm in! ;)

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    I'll help. Sounds fun.

    +1 @CodeaNoob, though, what would the app be?

  • I dont have any Idea in mind

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    I didn't want to pick an app idea, since I wanted to see what others thought it should be :)

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    How about a game? 3D?

    I had just started working on one a few days ago, and hardly made any progress. I got basic maps and a world working.

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    @SkyTheCoder Sounds good, I was thinking of making somthing like this: , Though, it would be hard to get he noobs into it.

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    @Prynok You could probably do that in Codea, but I'm not sure how you'd export it or use it in any way.

    At first, I thought it was a 3D modeler, which is funny, because I was thinking of making one, much better than Codeler, called Sky Designer, which I would release on the App Store... I was going to wait until I released SkyUI, though.

    (If anyone is interested, I would like to include tons of fancy shaders, easy-to-use textures (generatable from noise, random, etc. too) and lots of other cool stuff to easily make stunning, realistic 3D models and images, and possibly movies, if I could figure out how to write them.)

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    I had started a project to create spritesheets and animations. I haven't had the time to finish it but this would be a huge help to the community.

    The users would drag and drop images onto the sprite sheet and the location data is stored on the sheet itself. You could then select images for animations and the animations would be stored in the sheet as well. Write a class to load the spritesheet and it's data. One image download for a project and all the assets would be there.

    This could be a community project, there would need to be ui, image creation, export, save and a plugin to use the images in a project.

    Just an idea. Create a .codeaimg file :)

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    @Brairfox That is a great idea!

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    @Briarfox You could use Cider for the UI... Or maybe I could release a very early alpha of SkyUI.

    And I kind of know how to make an image export, possibly .codeaimg too.

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
    Posts: 1,542

    Basically you'd need to track where the user places the images on the spritesheet. Have an area of the spritesheet blocked off, 50pxX50xp. I just stored a string the returned a table into the pixles. You'd read the pixel value and convert to the alpha numeric charcter and use loadstring()

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    Well, drag 'n' drop buttons are already done... (And with icons)

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    I'm in. Also @SkyTheCoder, id love to see this SkyUI you keep dropping hints about :P

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    Here is a idea, what if we make the best math solver ever? Not just subtraction, multiplication, division, adding, square roots, etc. But real-world algrebraic expressions, trigonometry, and calculus. It might seem complicated and near impossible, but we could let spread out the team in what they are most comfortable in, you like and are good at calculus? Try that one out, not confident in those higher level mathematics? Try polishing one of the easier ones, the sky is is the limit.

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    Hmm... Sounds cool, but I can't think of too many differences between that and a normal calculator.

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    @SkyTheCoder It has some similarities, but I don't know to many calculators that can do real-world problems.

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    I was working on a calculator called ScriptCalc that would let you write small Lua scripts, with only access to the math API, string API, and table API, with a custom console and easy input from the user.

    I didn't get too far in. What if we continued that?

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    @SkyTheCoder Great idea!

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    @Prynok Can you make a PM with all of us included so we could share code and updates?

  • Be sure to add me

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    @Prynok - the ultimate calculator has already been built.

    Look at the WolframAlpha app, it is utterly awesome.

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
    edited November 2013 Posts: 5,396

    @Prynok - coming back to the original suggestion of a group project, there are a number of real world problems with attempting this (and I'm not being negative in saying this), including
    * keeping control of everyone working on it and preventing changes that clash with or break existing code, and resolving disagreements over direction
    * the code quickly becomes too complex for new people to follow, so you end up with just a few people who know how it works
    * it depends on people's availability, and almost everyone has school or a job, so there will be holdups

    It may be better to provide a sandpit that people can play in. A good example is the Pushball game that Jmv38 wrote, where you can write your own rules for one of the teams and see if you can beat the computer. Or a competition of some kind.

    But I think any large scale project is going to be extremely difficult.

  • Why not assign tasks to people to complete in, say, a week. A task thats based on their skill level

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    @Ignatz @Prynok I was thinking of making a very simple Java application to allow multiple users speak in a live chat and edit a document in real-time. It would be very buggy but I think it could work... Once I get a website, I can attempt to make it. I might fail... Well, probably, but I could keep on trying.

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    @Ignatz I see what your saying, and while I'm pretty sure I've got the "the code quickly becomes too complex for new people to follow, so you end up with just a few people who know how it works" one figured out, there is still a chance it might break. I will try to see what I can do.

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    @Ignatz @Prynok Solution: Looooooots of comments.

  • Or my idea....

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    @Prynok, with your calculator idea, I tried making an Algebra solver (I was fed up with doing Algebra in class, I'm good at maths, but it's just too long, and I wanted a way of checking my answers). I finished the engine (somewhere) but I got fed up with the graphics, but it was a really fun project. I learnt a lot about strings and patterns :)

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    So, to recap, everyone who's in:

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    @SkyTheCoder, I would be honoured to!

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    Sorry guys, I don't have the time at the moment. Codea Community as well as other projects are keeping me busy. I'd be happy to help if you guys get stuck.

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    I'd love to, but I don't have the time (ever). In the combination of the development of the 2D version of my app, 3D version in Unity, school, and my social life in the little leftover time, I'm crammed. Sometimes sleeping doesn't fit in there.

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    @Zoyt What about when you're done with your app? (Or you stop and take a breath?)

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    @SkyTheCoder - Haha. v1.0.1 and v1.1 is in the developments already. That and the 3D version. Anyways, if you could release more detail on the project, I might look into it on my procrastinating time. If I were to join, my main job would probably be the Obj-C add ons, some other small stuff, and marketing when it comes time.
    Also, here's some ideas on how to execute this project:
    This would all be done in the Codea runtime, so we'd export an empty project, store it on DropBox, share it with each other, then we can edit it. We should also all use the same editor, even though it doesn't make that much of a difference. I'd suggest Sublime Text.
    Just my idea. So I guess I'm in, I just won't be committing a lot of time into it.

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    If you are doing a calculator app then feel free to ask me about maths stuff.

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    @SkyTheCoder - no, I'm not in. I'm sure a calculator is good practice, but like I said, WolframAlpha has set a very high standard - and I want to work on other stuff at the moment.

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    WolframAlpha is not really comparable to any of the calculators on the App Store at the moment, it does beyond simple equations and everything else. Stuff I dream to know about!

  • I also have a friend who can publish on the AppStore

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    I made a poll for which project you want use to do:
    Please vote.

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    My rpncalc project with bignum and rpl command besser than the new must powerfull calculator Hp-Prime. Wolfram alpha has very powerfull CAS too... Or calc emulators

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    For me a great project with all community was an artificial intelligence AI like siri or in the movie «la nuit des enfants rois» I don't remember the english title sorry

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    The prodigies

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    Hi guys,

    This is a great idea but I cannot commit at present due to my existing Codea project, but just a few thoughts to throw out from an 'organisational' point of view...

    I would recommend Google+ as the community discussion area, you have instant chat, video conferencing in Hangouts, free message boards and calendars all of which can be private to the group...

    For source code management I would recommendGitHub, it is absolutely designed for distributed management of source code across disparate teams and provides good tools for branching, code review etc. (GitHub is free for OpenSource repositories, and a pretty low monthly charge for i think up to 5 private...)

    You would have to define your 'pipelines' for managing the code back to Codea, but I believe there is a post about incorporating Git projects on these forums.

    If one person has the Apple dev license then you can as per a previous post about Jenkins and TestFlight (somewhere on forums) actually get the app out to people as an iPad download for testing...

    As to the app to actually produce, a simple prototype app to prove the processes and Software Development Lifecycle probably with a strong bias to solid reusable components such as touch managers, UI managers, image caches, etc. etc. would be a good test of the groups ability to produce, followed by the 'killer app' to actually get something to market...

    Just my thoughts ;)


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    I'd love to help guys but my skill level with codea atm is very low :(

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    Just a quick update for those who are interested: We are for sure doing 3D Asteroids. We're using Skype and DropBox, partly because some of the newbies don't know that much about setting up gits (and in fact, I don't know too much about it either). I haven't asked directly, but it seems we'll be doing rapid development, so I'm going to map out the code today, so everyone else doesn't learn the hard way (like I did with StackIt) that rapid development works only if you have mapped out your code.

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    @Zoyt what is an English code maker? :-??

  • Basically, You type in "Draw a corcle in the middle of the screen" then the program would take that and draw an ellipse at WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2, at a Default Size. The problems I find are:
    A) People not speaking to good of english, So we will need translations
    B) The fact that there could be so many different ways to ask for the same thing

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