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How to import fully 3D objects (Final post)



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    Oh right, dreams smashed right there! Haha maybe TLL will create an importer for .mdl or another 3d model format.. What prevents it from being a game? Is it the OBJ loader or the handling of 27000 vertices at a time?

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    The number of vertices can be reduced, the OBJ loader is OK, and it should be possible to make a good game, but the problems include making your own models (or finding models without licensing restrictions), and making the game realistic enough to satisfy paying customers. Because we can't do PvP dogfights, we have to fly one of the planes by computer, which is even harder, if you want it to make it do realistic tactics.

    If you want to do all this, go ahead. All I'm saying is that I won't, because I'm not doing this so I can make apps, but to learn about computer graphics.

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    Believe me I in no way intend to do this, I thought you might want to make an app but if its learning you're interested about then even better. I was thinking about how it would be done but didn't come up with much, the whole computer based dogfighter is too complex to try and create. Anyway I prefer learning and making games/apps to possibly sell if well done. But I don't plan to do that by creating a dogfighting game it is as you said, very hard. But then programming for me is my favourite hobby, so it's quite fun!

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    woot, got my spitfire flying nicely at last, check this out

    It has 3 viewing angles, one is right behind, one is above and behind, but the coolest is actually inside the cockpit (at end of video). I had to find the part of the plane that encoded the cockpit and discard the glass vertices so I could see out!

    Now I have to add bullets and some simple maneouvring by the other plane. There is so much to learn always....

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    @Ignatz ^:)^

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    @Ignatz never fail to amaze me!

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    Shaping up nicely!

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    @Ignatz - Awesome!

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    Wow... Nice job!

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    This version allows you to fly a spitfire, and to shoot at a stationary (Zero) aeroplane.

    I've blogged about it here (with code links)

    (Please note that the quaternion code I use for 3D rotations is pretty primitive, and Andrew is helping to produce a decent library for general use. But my main objective was to see if I could actually fly a 3D plane, and I think I showed you can).

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    I saw this post yesterday (earlier today? Whatever.) Anyways, I was amazed. Nice job! Too bad to see the project dropped.

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    I won't necessarily drop the project, I just won't keep posting in this thread, probably...

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    Hi @Ignatz,

    Happy New Year to you !! :D and hope you had a good Xmas.

    Thanks for the plane simulation - very polished as usual and brought all the elements together. Really shown us how to go about converting the basic ideas into a real working project. Sorry to hear you've dropped the project, I'm still playing with 3D so may post similar items later.

    Hope you find a new challenge.


    =D> =D> =D>

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    Wow, this is very nice @Ignatz ! Really amazed with how awesome the Codea community is.

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    @Xavier - I agree that the community is awesome. We all support each other, and this project (like many others) wouldn't exist without help and ideas from several people.

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