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New Code: Simple word games

edited January 2012 in Code Sharing Posts: 2,161

These are a couple of simple word programs: anagram solving and hangman. They are designed for young children (hence the list of possible words in the anagram program) and use very simple words (my daughter wants more complicated ones ...).

Included in the Hangman one is a rudimentary keyboard class. Needs considerable work, but is a proof-of-concept.

Available as a single file or a directory.


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    Line break need between a function and start of smoke closer around 2969

    function genNumber(number,variation)
        ret = variation*0.01*number
        ret = number + math.random(-ret,ret)
        return ret
    endSmoke = class
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    Something else as well but fullscreen is blocking print window

  • edited January 2012 Posts: 2,161

    Bother those line ends! Fixed now.

    (The fullscreen issue is fixed in an update of Codea - that annoyed me as well.)

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