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Hiding the status bar - last thing to do before launching the game on the app store - Help

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So I have the game ready, I've used @reefwing's awesome iAds tutorial and that seems to be working.

I just have the status bar (which is hidden during launch) but comes back during the game.

Does anyone have the right code to turn the status bar off in my game? It will be in the XCODE.

I've searched out there and the code thats around doesn't work and is inconsistent.


The Major


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    Ive found Johns code:


    and its to go in my projectname-info.plist I don't know how to do that as its not a live text file but a series of property lists...


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    @Majormorgan - sorry for the belated reply, I've been travelling. Good to see that you worked it out yourself.

    For any others that need to hide the status bar, add the following method to your view controller (iOS 7 required).

    - (BOOL)prefersStatusBarHidden
        return YES;
  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Majormorgan if you'd like to use @John's code you can either add the key through the property-list interface in Xcode: hit return to add a new key, and start typing "view controller based..." and it should autocomplete the required key. Then set it to false.

    Otherwise you can right-click on your projectname-info.plist and choose Open As -> Source Code and then paste the key in.

    Or you can use @Reefwing's method.

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