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Why is Codea 2.0 only for iOS 7? Music and export to Java/Android questions

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I'am using Codea since 4 months.
I really like it, but:
Why is the new Update only for iOS 7?
I was really exited about Codea 2.0, but it's only bad, that I can't use it on my iPad now.

In the new update you can use music in your project, is there a way to do this in the older Versionen of Codea , too?
I don't think about the Sound effects, I think about real music that I have composed my self.

Another question I have is, if there is a way to export a Codea project to a/an Java/Android project.
And is there a tutorial about Sprite animations?

Thanks in advance.


  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    @Leon I believe apple is requireing all apps to be updated for ios7. Codea 2.0 isn't bad the editor update is nice and there are some cool new features. The iPad1 is dated tech and it's hard for devs to continue to support legecy products.

    You can add music and sound to products in older versions of exported Codea project by adding it in xCode.

    Codea only exports for ios devices. It can not be used for Java/Android.

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    You probebly can make a one for java/android in lovecodea or another pc/mac based tool to convert it.

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    Thanks for your answers.
    After looking in the Appstore:
    I think the most or all new apps only supports iOS 7 and older apps, wich are updated, older versions, too. But I'm not sure.

    Can I add music by using the soundeffects?

    Do someone know, how to make animations of sprites or know a tutorial?

    @kirorp Thanks, do you have a link?
    @Briarfox Thanks, but I have never said, that Codea is bad. I said, it's bad, that I can't update. Oh, and I haven't an iPad 1. I have an iPad mini.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    @Leon My bad, It was early and I miss read what you wrote :)

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    @Leon, I have iPad Mini, you can update and get iOS 7

    @Simeon, any chance of release Codea 1.6 with the music features for legacy devices?

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    Thanks for your answers. I know that I can update, but since I don't like iOS 7's design, I don't want t
    o update ;)

    @Briarfox No Problem ;)

    Thanks for the Link :)
    I think it can only export the project to Windows and so on and not for Android.

  • I can confirm that as of February 1st, 2014 all apps and app updates must be made using Xcode 5 and target ios 7. This means it is impossible to update the old codea and distribute it on the App Store. I agree about ios 7, I really kind of liked ios 6 better.

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    Thanks for your answer. This is really bad.

    Is there no way to convert an XCode project into Java one for Android? The problem is, that I don't own a Mac.

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    @Leon, some one is promising to release a dual-boot between iOS 6 and iOS 7. Perhaps when that comes out you can use that. iOS 6 as your daily driver, iOS 7 for Codea?

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    @JakAttak Whaaaat?!? :) :) This would be awesome! Yes, iOS 7 only would be for Codea. Some of my Apps doesn't work on iOS 7, so something like this would be really great. But I think that I need to Jailbreak my iPad...

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    iOS 7 is a big improvement in my opinion. The only downside would be if your device cant run it without annoying delay. Not to go all fanboy on you iOS7 haters but, isn't it the same layout? The 3 layout changes were the improved search location, closing apps faster, and infinite folder size. All three of those were unarguably improvements, right? @JatAttack Has the technical solution for ya.

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    I have seen iOS 7 in action. Sometines the Safari browser or the Game Center close themself while using. But this is off topic ;)
    My are: How to do Sprite animations and is there a way to port an XCode project to a Java One for Android.
    Thanks in advance

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
    Posts: 1,542

    @Leon I had that issue a lot until 7.1 No more crashing, no more bluetooth crashing the ipad as well. ios7.1 also fixed my iPhone 4 issues. Runs much faster now. a tad slower then ios6 but much faster then ios7 release.

  • @Leon,
    you are right the apps will run on older devices (ios 5 being the lowest I think), but they require the apps to be optimized for ios 7, which requires xcode 5 and os mountain lion or above.

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    @MrScience101, meaning you can't build a project which excludes iOS 7?

  • @JakAttak, not if you want it published to App Store. When you upload the binary apple would reject it during the validation process.

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    Thanks for all your answers, but
    how can I animate sprites and is there a way to port an XCode project to a Java One for Android. Thanks in advance

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    Does anyone have an idea?
    The reason why I want to publish to the Play Store instead of the App Store is, that I don't own a Mac so I can't publish to the App Store. :(

  • @leon, there is no easy way to port an Xcode project to android. The only way you might do it is to export the lua files and then use a different program like game salad to make games for android. If the game is written in objective c then you really are out of luck, you'd have to translate the game into Java by hand.

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    @Leon @MrScience101 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I remember @Simeon talking about trying (and deciding not to, don't get your hopes up) use something called AppPortable to convert/simulate an Obj-C app to Java. Maybe you could use that to make it for Android?

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    @SkyTheCoder, I have tried to use, and contacted the team for Apportable. It does not yet support all the libraries used by Codea and so it doesn't work. Sorry.

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    Thanks for the idea, but I have looked at their website and there is a video about how it Works and if I'm not wrong they're saying that you need a Mac... :( But thanks for the idea :)
    I read a post here in the forum about CodeaStarling and something about Moai .

    Could this work?

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    Could it work with CodeaStarling?

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    Hello again.
    I'm now making a new game with Codea.
    I wanted to know how to use the tool from @tnlogy

    I don't understand how to use it.
    Thanks in advance

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