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another useless game.

dave1707dave1707 Mod
edited April 2014 in Code Sharing Posts: 8,445

Here's a game that came to mind while I was working on something else. Since I don't play games, I didn't spend a lot of time on this, so it's bare minimum code . The object is to balance the square and rectangle on the circle for as long as you can. Move the circle left or right to change the balance position. The maximum seconds are saved as global data. The game restarts when the square and rectangle fall off the screen. I managed to get 23 seconds while testing the code.

-- Balance the rectangle and square -- by dave1707 4/1/14 displayMode(FULLSCREEN) function setup() fontSize(25) hs=readGlobalData("balance") if hs==nil then hs=0 end"*t") st=tm.min*60+tm.sec dx=0 -- define screen edges e1=physics.body(EDGE,vec2(0,0),vec2(0,HEIGHT*5)) e2=physics.body(EDGE,vec2(WIDTH,0),vec2(WIDTH,HEIGHT*5)) e3=physics.body(EDGE,vec2(0,HEIGHT),vec2(WIDTH,HEIGHT)) -- define circle cir=physics.body(CIRCLE,10) cir.type=KINEMATIC cir.x=WIDTH/2 cir.y=400 -- define square sqr=physics.body(POLYGON,vec2(-10,-10),vec2(-10,10),vec2(10,10),vec2(10,-10)) sqr.x=WIDTH/2-100 sqr.y=HEIGHT-50 -- define rectangle rec=physics.body(POLYGON,vec2(-200,0),vec2(-200,10),vec2(200,10),vec2(200,0)) rec.x=WIDTH/2 rec.y=500 end function draw() background(40,40,50) fill(255) text("Balance",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-50) text("Max seconds "..hs,WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-90)"*t") et=tm.min*60+tm.sec text("Current seconds ",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT-130) text("To balance, slide finger left or right to move blue circle.",WIDTH/2,120) text("Game will restart when the rectangle and square are dropped.",WIDTH/2,80) -- draw blue circle fill(0,71,255) stroke(0, 71, 255) strokeWidth(2) ellipse(cir.x,cir.y,20) -- draw red rectangle pushMatrix() translate(rec.x,rec.y) rotate(rec.angle) fill(255,0,0) stroke(255,0,0) drawLines(rec) popMatrix() -- draw green square pushMatrix() translate(sqr.x,sqr.y) rotate(sqr.angle) fill(0,255,0) stroke(0,255,0) drawLines(sqr) popMatrix() -- stop circle from getting close to sides if cir.x<80 then cir.linearVelocity=vec2(20,0) dx=0 end if cir.x>WIDTH-80 then cir.linearVelocity=vec2(-20,0) dx=0 end -- restart game when pieces are off screen if rec.y<-500 and sqr.y<-500 then"*t") et=tm.min*60+tm.sec et=et-st if et>hs then -- save max seconds saveGlobalData("balance",et) end restart() -- restart game end end function drawLines(pts) for z=1,#pts.points do -- get points p1=pts.points[z] p2=pts.points[z%#pts.points+1] line(p1.x,p1.y,p2.x,p2.y) -- draw lines end end function touched(t) if dx~=nil then if t.state==MOVING then -- move blue circle dx=dx+t.deltaX cir.linearVelocity=vec2(dx,dy) end end end


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,445

    Changed the seconds calculation to use instead of os.time. It wasn't working the way I wanted when used on iPads with 32 bit math routines. That would be pre Codea 2.0 versions.

  • Posts: 2,043

    @dave1707, isn't the iPad Air the only one capable of 64 bit math?

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited April 2014 Posts: 8,445

    @JakAttak I think anything on Codea 2.0 is 64 bit.

  • edited April 2014 Posts: 1,595

    @JakAttak I get double precision out of print() now on an iPad 3

  • I like it. I don't think it is useless, just fun. Nice job on this one, @dave1707 :-bd

  • edited May 2015 Posts: 12

    Hey may I extend from this code(I am not going to use it to make money or publish to the appstore I just want to add stuff to it for my own use and I want to put some features in my game)

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 8,445

    @AnotherBoringUser Any code posted on this forum is for anyone's use unless otherwise noted in the code. You can do what you want with this code. Just a suggestion, share your code on the forum so others can see it when you're done.

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    slapping, why say useless

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