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Codea AirCode Problem

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Hello, I am very new to Codea and I found the experience highly educational and a very well done app. Although, when I found aircode, I literally freaked out and had to try it. I tried it the first time and it worked perfectly! Updates were instant, it was an amazing experience. Theres one problem I am having now. When I log in with my ip given to the computer, it doesn't update the code instantly, meaning anything I do I need to refresh. I would like to know if this is a bug or it can be fixable. Thanks. LOVE CODEA :D



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    Welcome to the Codea Forums! Glad to find you are enjoying the app!

    Did you make a change in setup, or some other function only called once? Try CMD+R or CTRL+R.

  • Thats the thing... I don't think i changed anything and I can do CMD+R to restart it causes it to update. I would like it so that I dont need to CMD+R or CTRL+R. It worked before like I said but now its not working :(

  • I don't want to double post but can someone please answer this :( it was my favorite feature and now it's somewhat broken to me :(

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    I know AirCode doesn't work using Safari on OSX ...

  • Im using windows :(. Like I said, it was working before but the next time it stopped :0

  • @Simeon

    Help please :/

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    @Crazypkr1099 Welcome to the endless realm of Codea! There was one community built server which is very similar in ways to AirCode but also better in some circumstances (less bugs being one of them). AirCode hasn't come out of the experimental phase yet, and hasn't been worked on much due to this huge release of Codea 2.0. xCodea is the community built version you can find it on the forum. The problem you might face is it's (I'm pretty sure) only mac supported.

  • Aww :( this feature was so amazing

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    @Luatee, @Crazypkr1099, xCodea is not the only community built option. In fact, one of the inspirations behind official AirCode was the one built by @toffer. Perhaps that one can do what you need?

    EDIT: Here's the link!

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    Aircode is brilliant but since 2.0 it has become practically useless. Crashes constantly - especially if working with physics bodies (which are minimal and are being destroyed properly).

    Yes it also still dead in Safari as per prev version but Chrome still is OK. I really only use Aircode if I am desperate to do some serious cleaning up that is painful using touch instead of mouse. BTW can you disable live update? It really causes more problems than its worth I think.

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