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Feature Request: Core Bluetooth

BortelsBortels Mod
edited June 2014 in Suggestions Posts: 1,557

The subject says it all. In my particular case, I'm looking at the low-power stuff. From what I can tell, unlike many things Apple is very much open on this, they fully support the standards and actively use it, so there should be no political/app-store objections, just how to interface the API to Codea and of course your time, which I don't take for granted.

This all came up because I got a wild hair for a project I was working on, and I said "Hey, if Codea has access to this, It'll be perfect!" - alas, no such luck currently.

Heh - as I type this, my hind-brain says "Hey, suggest they figure out a way to expose the Objective-C API call mechanism directly, so we could just make arbitrary Objective-C calls", but I won't go there. Not even sure it's possible, much less feasible.

Best to all of you, I wish I could spend more time here but my real-world workload is insane.


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