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2D minecraft



  • Ya, but I don't do it anymore...

  • Ok I'm almost with the small update

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    Look like I've got a lot of work ahead of me, I loaded the minecraft, and there were lines all over the screen. Lol!

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    Well, I wish the game worked. I was gonna publish an update for a polish up. Oh well... I'll scrap the polish update and make mobs and animals.

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    I'm almost done with the update! I did a lot of it this morning and some on Saturday. I didn't get a lot of time on Monday because I was teaching my neighbor how to fly his Street Hawk. I'm working on redstone, redstone torches, pistons, commands, zombie, and a pig. The update will be good! 0.8.0 should be out tomarrow!

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    The creative and survival buttons do not work right now. I did not know if you guys knew this or not. Also, can I help.

  • Are you thinking about the App Store

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    talented,make such a complicated game only in a few hours

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    Ok, yes, a12tony, you can help, 2, Faptabulous12, I need VERY specail permission from Mojang to release to the app store and I need to develop the game more. 3, firewolf, thanks! :)

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    A long overdue update is NOW HERE! Beta 0.8.0 is now here! What will you see? Commands, pistons (W.I.P.), REDSTONE, redstone torch, a W.I.P. zombie, and a moving pig!
    Here is the pastebin link (open on computer and import using air code)
    PS! READ THE COMMENTS AT THE TOP OF MAIN AND DOWNLOAD THE IMAGES!!! Name them what the comment tells you to.

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    Thanks code_maker

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    Your welcome, has the update fixed the play buttons?

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    And the next update will be focused on creative mode. I'm thinking of a creative inventory. Maby I'll hit the neather a bit for Survival in 8.1

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    Here is a list of commands for my 0.8.0 update that was submitted today:

    /health me 10

    /gamemode c

    /gamemode s

    /timeset morning

    /timeset day

    /timeset night

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    I haven't checked yet.

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    I will check since I have the website for the new update

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    How long have you guys been working on this game, and how old are you guys.

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    It isn't running because of this line of code:
    cloud = vec2(math.random(100.50,800.50),700)

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    How should we fix this

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    try cloud = vec2(math.random(100,800),700)

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    That worked. Thanks a lot.

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    I know it's a lot to ask, but do you have a video of the prototype?

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    Do you need one

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    oh I was just curious to see it in action, I don't alway have my iPad with me :)

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    Thanks Ignatz! My iPad is generation 1, so it only has IOS 5.1 wich can only handle Codea 1.2 Code 2.1 is different than my Codea

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    Iv'e been slacking on this game, ill get back to work in about two months. I know this Codea game is very popular, but my friends and I are working together on Unity to build a game called Pakit Add Clrarker and I'm the lead C# scripter, so iv'e got work.

  • What do you mean by that exactly?

  • Doesn't work wrong code at the start

  • Cloud

  • I fixed it don't worry :)

  • Wow a little bit confusing at the start. But I eventually got used to it. :p

  • Sorry, I wrote this when I was new to Lua. I'm an expert now.

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