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Future of Codea

edited July 2014 in General Posts: 4

I'm just wondering,
1. How long has Codea been around? I've only just heard of / started using it yet it seems to have a well established forum community. Also,
2. I have seen many changes in Codea since I started using. What are the plans for future items? I would be. Dry interested, especially if it were to do with keyboard input, as my current workaround is a bit clunky at the moment. The keyboard buffer solution seems...incomplete for the lack of a better word.

Thanks guys, this forum is awesome, be expecting questions in other discussions, I'm eager to learn



  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 10,055

    @Rar_Ceth The date of the first post was October 2011. So it's been about 3 years so far.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited July 2014 Posts: 10,055

    @Rar_Ceth The keyboard routines could use some updating, but if you want to see what can be done, here's an example.

    function setup() rectMode(CENTER) showKeyboard() tab={} str="" end function draw() background(80,80,80) fill(0) noStroke() rect(WIDTH/2+10,HEIGHT/2+190,200,50) rect(WIDTH/2+10,HEIGHT/2+90,200,50) fill(255) stroke(255,0,0) strokeWidth(5) rect(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2+200,200,50) fill(150,150,150) stroke(255) strokeWidth(5) rect(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2+100,200,50) fill(255,0,0) text("Enter info, press return.",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2+200) str=keyboardBuffer() if rtn then rtn=false hideKeyboard() showKeyboard() end fill(255) text(str,WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2+100) end function keyboard(k) if k==RETURN then rtn=true print(str) end end function touched(t) if not isKeyboardShowing() then showKeyboard() end end
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    Thnx for the comments :) this app has made impressive progress for three years! And thnx for the code Dave. I'm using something very similar in my current project, a memorising tool. Eg, MultiChoice, click and drag, flash cards and...questions using keyboard input. It works well enough, but to do this kind of thing for every gameState, question etc is daunting to say the least

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