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Frequently Asked Questions about self. and other syntax

edited August 2014 in Questions Posts: 175

FIRSTLY, if you don't know about self or some another syntax like me now - read comments below project

Hi,kind folks. I have some unanswered questions like "wtf is this self.value" and this post (I expect) will help me and other men like me. How I search in Google and entirely on his forum I have some information about self. and return values. But I don't sure I have right understand about this . In my vision return (for example x = 2) in this function

function f (x)
   return x^2

Makes x equal to 4 (am I right?)

And about self.value . Jvm said its local and static for project . How I read in ignatz book it's stores information for this value. All in all I want some examples .

P.s sorry for my bad English
P.p.s if moderator consider delete post - do it, but I think some examples/pieces of code from stars of lua will be very useful



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