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Button tween problem

edited August 2014 in Questions Posts: 20

I won't to make a button that when it is pushed a nother button fly's in.
I use this button class to draw the buttons but because the tween is in the button the second button is already drawn on his final place, so there is no more tween when i push the first button. Is there a way for this to work.

Buttons = class() function Buttons:init(btnOne,btnTwo,x,y) self.pos={x=-100,y=500} self.btnOne=btnOne self.btnTwo=btnTwo self.selected=false self.action=nil -- rect(self.pos.x,self.pos.y,100,100) self.w,self.h=50,50 -- spriteSize("Cargo Bot:Condition Green") tween(5,self.pos,{x=x,y=y},{easing= tween.easing.cubicIn ,loop= tween.loop.once}) end function Buttons:draw() stroke(255, 224, 0, 255) fill(c) ellipse(self.pos.x,self.pos.y,100) if self.selected == true then rect(self.btnTwo, self.pos.x,self.pos.y,self.w+90,self.h) elseif self.selected == false then rect(self.btnOne,self.pos.x,self.pos.y,self.w+90,self.h) end end function Buttons:touched(touch) if touch.state == BEGAN or touch.state == MOVING then if math.abs(self.pos.x - touch.x) <= (self.w/2+90) and math.abs(self.pos.y - touch.y) <= (self.h/2) then self.selected = true else self.selected = false end elseif touch.state == ENDED then if self.selected == true and self.action then self.action() end self.selected = false end end
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