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notifications when app not running

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Does anyone have any code snippets or suggestions for setting up notifications to be fired on the iDevice if my app has been put into the background?
I'm building a timer that need to alert the user to events at a specific time, even if the device has closed the app, or another app has taken focus.



  • @Famous I believe that this feature has not been added to Codea yet.

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    what you're looking for are local notifications. I made a feature request while back, but you might be better off making an add on for them

  • Thanks guys.
    What do you mean by "add on". Is that native IOS code that the lua code can call?

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    @Famous, yes an add on is native Obj-C that you can call from lua

  • Ok, native objective c code. Can I run that from the codea ide or does that have to be done within Xcode with an exported codea project ( please please please say it can be done within the codea ide)

  • Sorry, but this has to be done from Xcode with an exported project.

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    Search for the Codea build machine, it's as close as you can get to not using xcode to do things like this.

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