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I've put together a Codea Dark editor theme. It's based on my personal Xcode colour scheme.

I am thinking about making this theme a one dollar in-app-purchase inside Codea. How do you all feel about this? Does anyone have any objections?

Here is my reasoning:

  • Dark theme is purely aesthetic and doesn't add any extra functionality
  • It allows users who would like to support us to do so
  • It allows us to keep releasing great free updates that do provide extra functionality
  • It looks pretty cool

Codea Dark



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    I like it. I always prefer to code on a dark background. I've also noticed that the white from the codea editor leaves ghosts on the ipad screen for a while after I leave codea.

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    I'd buy that for a dollar! :) it is easier on the eyes for me. I also saw some ghosting like ruilov experienced... But I get this from safari too... :)

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    I think keeping the entry price for Codea low (was it £10?) is extremely important, so it is perfectly valid to charge a buck for aesthetic tweaks and sprite packs, etc.

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    I like the idea to put aesthetic and also some convenient enhancements in in-App purchases kindly asking to Support the "real" developments ...

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    I'd definitely buy this (and other add-ons) to support continued Codea development (even if I didn't use them...)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Thanks everyone! That's good to hear. I'm glad there are no objections.

  • beebee
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    Nice, Simeon. It seems that 2LL is considering a new pricing scheme. ;)

    If 2LL wants to get additional income from in-app purchase, I got some suggestions that might need to be considered. Here they are...

    • Reduce the main app price. $8 price point seems a bit too high for an app that has in-app purchase options. I think the sweet spot is about $3-$5.

    • Make the advance features as in-app purchase with price ranges from $1 to $3 for each item (depends on its features and complexity).

    • Categorize the in-app items. I'm thinking Codea could offers at least 4 categories: editor color themes, additional sprite packs, coding tools (such as sprite builder, color picker, font picker, video recorder, etc), and advance API/library packages (such as socket, database, gestures, etc).

    • User is allowed to purchase each item in each category (in $1-$3 range), or purchase a category bundle which include all items within a category with lower price (in $3-$5 range), or purchase the whole item in all categories with significantly lower price (in $5-$10 range). Bundle or whole package purchaser should get future updates and new features for free.

    • Users would understand this pricing scheme, but don't be greedy. Provide about 2-3 items on each category freely included with the purchase of the main app.

    What do you think? :)

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    @bee I understand the motivation behind such a pricing scheme. But I feel very strongly about not fragmenting the API. I would like to keep all API upgrades and functionality updates free for all users.

    This is because I want anyone to be able to open Codea code and run it without worrying about whether they have the necessary libraries. I also don't want anyone to feel like their tools and creativity are artificially limited – like you said, it's an $8 app. For that you should get the best tools available.

  • beebee
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    @simeon: That's a nice thinking, sir! You put your customer satisfaction on the first place. You got my respect. :)

    So, you plan to only charge features that don't offer new coding functionality (such as aesthetics, convenient, etc)? If that so, you got my vote. :)

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    Thanks @bee, that's nice to hear :) And that's right, any in-app purchase would only be for convenience or aesthetics.

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    Something you should allow for is like a $10 dollar IAP to get all current and future IAP stuff.

    Oh wait didn't see that in the main idea. Lol. But yeah I would totally do it.

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    I'm torn.

    On the one hand, I'm a cheap bastard, and paying anything hurts me to my very core.

    On the other hand, I've already suggested IAP for cosmetic content (like removing the logo from the video) is an excellent idea. This is right up that same alley. You can't really charge for functionality, as you fragment the market, but lua functionality is only part of what Codea is - the editing environment is also another big part.

    I say go for it. Worst case scenario is nobody buys it, but I doubt that'll happen.

    I've already mentioned I think Codea is worth far more than we paid. :-)

  • @Simeon. I like this idea, so go ahead. Will you allow to add also highlighting of user defined functions? I do not know how easy that is, but it would probably encourage more persons buying the additional functionality. In my opinion it is a beautification only, but a nice one to have, too.

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    @Simeon, Great Idea. It looks like a dream! Oh my god! Please do not add this theme in-app-purchase inside Codea, because I will need to connect my iPad to internet every iOS restart.
    I have few suggestions:

    • 1. Add Dark Theme to Codea in next update and change the price of Codea with +1,2,3$, but this is a bad ideea.
    • 2. Add Dark Theme to Codea in next update and I and many others will donate you few dollars, I can donate you 3$ instantly for this theme.
    • 3. Add a new version of Codea, named Codea Premium with this theme and some other extra features, but maybe others see this ideea a bad suggestion.

    What you think?

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    @Georgian... I've never heard of an IAP that requires the user to connect their iPad to the net after every iOS restart (but then again I'm usually connected to the net via wifi). Are you sure this is the case?

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    Sorry, I want to say: Every Erase All Content and Settings, similar to Windows or Mac OS reinstall.

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    @Georgian most people don't do that very often. At worst you need to repurchase the IAP after you've deleted the app. If you have a backup, the IAP will be restored with the app, so I don't see anyone being inconvenienced very much.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @John there's no need to repurchase. The IAP would be forever associated wit the iTunes account and can be restored for free if the app is ever deleted.

    @Georgian you would only need to be connected to the internet once, when you do the purchase. That's all. You do not have to be connected every iOS restart.

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    AWSOME! I'd buy it even if I didn't want it just to support you guys. Mabey eventually add a $3 theme creator? :-)

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
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    @Simeon yeah I mean't repurchase in the sense of buying from iTunes, where it wont charge you after the first time.

  • I'd take the first theme and pay for a second with the only difference being a wide blinking green cursor.

    You know what may be funny and useful, a dim background for the code. It would be a punchcard picture. The useful part is if the shading alternated every 4th column for long nested ifs.

    Greenbar paper would be cute.

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    @Simeon, I want to explain my situation.

    • 1. I will connect my iPad to WiFi internet one time for purchase Dark Theme, it's a bad ideea because one time connect to WiFi internet costs 5 Euro for only 10 days like another Codea bought. :( But, it's OK, because it's only one time.
    • 2. I will Erase All Content and Settings of my iPad.
    • 3. I will connect to iTunes on PC and I will install Codea on my iPad.

    Where can I get my Dark Theme now?

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Georgian you wouldn't need to erase all content and settings on your iPad. Why would you do that?

    So you have no wireless internet, are you connected by wired internet at the moment?

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    @Simeon, I have no wireless or WiFi internet. I have internet connection on my computer, desktop computer, where I have installed iTunes and from here I made all purchases. But, I can connect to WiFi internet om my iPad, but only 10 days costs a price like Codea, 5 Euro and this is not a good idea. better I give 5 Euro to you for one time, because I will give 5 Euro for every connect to internet to download Dark Theme. Here in my country, we have no free / gratis Wireless or WiFi internet, as in other countries, an hour per day for free. By the way, Why would I Erase All Content and Settings of my iPad? I am no expert, but some apps are starting to give few errors, but at some point and I am forced to give Erase All Content and Settings
    So, Think you can do something for me, in this case?

  • BortelsBortels Mod
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    @Georgian - when you start getting errors, try rebooting the ipad (Hold home and sleep, then slide the power off slider). Unless you had a bad jailbreak, there's no reason you should have to Erase all content and Settings.

    You should also look at setting up local wifi - have your computer share it's internet connection via wifi. Paying 5 euro to connect for 10 days is crazy, if you already have an internet connection.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Georgian I just want to make this clear: the dark theme (or any IAP) would not have to be downloaded every time you use your iPad. Even if you erase all content and settings — as long as you restore from backup, it will remember that you have the dark theme.

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    @Simeon, Themes for code editor is my idea, Reported by Georgian 2011-12-12, so I thought that this update will be free. But, is not a problem, I agree with you, I can pay for this, but not 5 Euro + 1$. If it was your idea, maybe I would not be commented.
    However, I do not want to fight ;) I have some solutions for you that you and me to be happy. I will send you a PM, because I want these solutions to remain private.

  • Simeon,
    Dark theme, sorry I don't like that, I think.
    If the dark theme is an option, yes than okay. So we need a possibility to switch between dark and the "old" background. I think that after a while dark theme will be disappointing. Normal paper is white and your pencil (normally) blue or black.
    Also programs like Numbers and Pages are using white (light grey) backgrounds, because eyes (or brains) like to see the same as normal paper.
    Proposal, make your "one dollar in-app-purchase" switchable, dark for at night (working on Codea laying in your bed) and the "old" background for daylight.
    Greetings, Dirk.nl

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @hartland the existing light theme will remain as the default theme. The dark theme will be an option only for those who want it.

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    @Simeon, Why You not answer my message 11:49AM? I'll tell you why: Because I am right and you got stuck. But, OK! I do not want to be evil. Because You did not answered, I will write the private message here, The message that I wanted to send to you.

    Here is a list of my ideas:

    • 1. Make next update not for free. Choose option: Paid app upgrades.
    • 2. Add a new version of Codea, called Codea Dark Theme for the same price. When you update Normal Codea You will update also Codea Dark Theme.
    • 3. I will get out of this game. I will quit. But you will not escape so easily. The future can be against you. I want to tell you a little secret. I know everything about you and your world. You know what I mean. It is a coded message.

    Maybe, You will answer me... NOW!

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    PS: It would be a great idea if We will can order Dark Theme or any IAP via iTunes from Mac OS or PC, not from iPad.

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    @Georgian: I did not receive a private message from you. Please make sure you actually sent it.

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    I quit to send you a private message. Read the three posts above. Message: Georgian 11:49AM, Georgian 2:17PM and Georgian 2:24PM - Can you see those messages?

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    I see your messages in this thread, but did not get a private message from you in my inbox.

    Also: watch your tone in this thread. It is becoming uncivil.

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    @Simeon, I don't want to send you any message. Please answer to my messages: Georgian 11:49AM, Georgian 2:17PM and Georgian 2:24PM

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Georgian: You didn't actually ask any questions in those messages. You just posted a list of ideas and said you would "send me a PM" (which you did not do). Please write your question clearly and I will answer it.

  • Thanks Simeon,
    I will say, go for it, I will buy it!
    Greetings, Dirk.nl

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    @Simeon, I don't want to order Dark Theme from my iPad, because I will pay 5 Euro + 1$ and this is not comfortable for me, because I do not live in a city, I live in a village as a colony or tribe. Nobody here has any iPad. We are on zero and cut off from technology. So, I have three ideas:

    • 1. Talk with Apple to add a new feature into iTunes. Ability to order add-ions / IAP from iTunes on PC not only from iPad - This is the main ideea. - What you think?
    • 2. Make next update not for free. Choose option: Paid update not free - What you think?
    • 3. Add a new version of Codea, called Codea Dark Theme for $7.99 and another Codea White Theme for $7.99 - So, I and all people will be happy, You want white theme? Buy Codea White Theme - You want Dark Theme buy Codea Dark Theme - What you think?

    You have two chances:

    • 1. You can choose one of three ideas.
    • 2. Make Dark Theme for free. Why? Because: I was first with this idea. Themes for code editor is my idea, Reported by Georgian 2011-12-12, Black Theme. - What is your solution?

    Please answer at my questions: What you think?

    Please answer at the last question: What is your solution?

    PS: I am not against you. I want to pay 1$ But, I want to pay 1$ from PC not iPad.
    By the way, Before you come up with this topic about Dark Theme, I got an idea, Monthly subscription for only 5$ to speed up monthly updates for Codea. OR: You present us what you give us in x month as update and if someone wants something more a special feature, He will post his problem or his wish. Admin will review his problem, and if this wish can be solved, this person will must to buy a ticket, this ticket can cost between 1,2,3,5,7,10$ What you think?

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    @Georgian I feel everyone here is trying to understand the issue you are raising (that it is costly for you to do an in-app-purchase when you don't have free wifi access) and would like to help. So please relax a bit.

    Does the computer you are using to connect to this forum have built in wifi? As @Bortels pointed out it is possible to set up an "ad hoc" wifi network (without the need for a dedicated router) between a networked computer with built wifi and your iPad (I know it is easy on the Mac).

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    @Blanchot, thanks for your help! My Desktop Computer is connected to wired internet, not WiFi.

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    I understand. But many of today's desktop computers have built-in wifi hardware (again at least all recent Mac computers do and I suppose the same is true for PC's). If this be the case with your machine you could set it up to create a free wifi network via your wired connection.

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    Georgian, I consider it unacceptable behaviour to make demands of a company such as "You can choose one of three ideas". They can't order you and you can't order them. I also consider it unacceptable to make threats, which is my interpretation of "I know everything about you and your world. "

    It is my perception that your behaviour is aggressive and poisoning to the community. I'm astonished at Simeon's level-headed answers and tolerance - I can only take my hat off.

    I would like to be able to participate in a community where people treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration and do not give orders and make threats. Ideally this would be achieved by you, Georgian changing your behaviour. Alternatively this could be achieved by removing you from the community.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    1. As nice as this would be, it's not possible. We are not able to change Apple's in-app-purchase system. You could make a suggestion to them. It is unlikely to be implemented unless there is significant global demand.
    2. Paid updates do not exist on the app store. This is not a realistic option.
    3. Codea will remain a single app.

    You did lodge a request for a dark theme on the issue tracker. Many people have asked about customising the editor's appearance, including changing to a dark theme.

    This theme is still planned to be an in-app-purchase. You say that your country doesn't have free WiFi. Many people use their iPad connected to local WiFi — that is, a local wireless router that you set up, yourself, in your house. Or a shared wireless internet connection from your computer.

    You have an Internet connection. So it seems to be an issue of wireless connectivity. Have you considered adding a wireless router to your home network to enable WiFi?

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    I'd buy the dark theme :)

  • DylanDylan Admin Mod
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    I believe others in this thread are referring to setting up a home Wireless Access Point (ie, WAP) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_access_point

    You plug it into your existing wired network and it provides a WiFi access point using the wired internet connection.

    They can be purchased for 10s of Australian dollars here (in Australia). YMMV. Of course this is more expensive in the short term than just getting WiFi for a month, but if you have an iPad, you would probably get a lot of use out of it.

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    It would be nice if there was some way to make the autocomplete words stand out a bit more. They vanish into the background more in the dark view than they do in normal.

    But I like it. You'll get my buck.

  • I would buy it because of:

    • its something different to my eyes, i think i can concentrate easier when i See some different basic color sheme
    • it looks amazing
    • its good for a Deep-in-the-night-code-solution,
    • to support you great guys who are working so hard that we can code easily and comfortable

    Again and again, Thank you all for this Great app!!

  • As a side note I think some are talking though google translate or a second language which may make things sound a bit more harsh sounding and/or direct depending on the origin language.

    Since I only speak/write a single language and not all that well sometimes, I can sympathize.

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     As a side note I think some are talking though google translate or a second language which may make things sound a bit more harsh sounding and/or direct depending on the origin language.

    I've thought this as well. Thank you for putting the thought into words.

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    @Dylan, Thanks for help! Generally, this is a great idea, but for me is not.

    @Ipda41001, You're right. I'm not English. I learned English few years ago and recently from horror movies like this movie: Bug (2006). Google Translator, oh, Yes, I use Google some times, but not always.

    @Simeon, Maybe I spoke bad. Did I hurt you? With my words? I hope not, but if it's true, I'm so sorry! I'm not English, But I promise that I will learn English better. I wanted to say something and you have understood another thing.

    @Simeon, It's OK! I will buy Dark Theme on / from my iPad. It is not your fault because the country where I live, life is harder. HERE I close my problem.

    @Simeon, I want to know if everything is OK between us... :)

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