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11 Day App Challenge

edited January 2015 in Competition Posts: 835

Hello All!

As the name suggests, this is a competition to see who the bestest game maker is here on the forums!

Some of you may remember the Codea Holiday Cook Off and I'd thought i'd just do a 90% rip-off. Jk, its only 85.7%


Rules are:

1) 11 Days to make your app. No extensions.
2) Some form of documentation of your work. I.e. A blog, wiki, Forum Thread (only one thread per person as to avoid spammage [is that a word?])
3) You may work as teams, but you must be sure that it is clear you are doing so.
4) Have fun!

Custom graphics and/or music wouldn't hurt your odds of winning the top spot?

If you'd like to judge, DM me!

Contest will start when we have 4+ entries!


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