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Even simpler Gist tool

edited March 2015 in Code Sharing Posts: 154

Now that we have the awesome "COPY" button on forums, Github gists are less needed. However, when sharing a big project with many tabs, gist is still a good option.

You may have seen my earlier attempt to make a Gist uploader / downloader tool. @Jmv38 and @HyroVitalyProtago had contributed nice improvements to it. This is a new, shorter and simpler version of it, and it's even eaiser to use. At least, i hope it is :)

No more project duplicating tricks and such. You simply paste the link and hit "Download gist" button to download the gist into pasteboard. If the gist content is in proper Codea "project format", then you will be able to long-press the "Add New Project" button, and then choose "Paste Into Project" option.

Uploads work as before: long-press your project button, then choose "Copy". This will copy your project into pasteboard in Codea project format. Then run Gist uploader and click on "UPLOAD: Create new gist" button. That's it.

--# Main -- Gist uploader/downloader -- v3.0 by juce, Jmv38 and HyroVitalyProtago function saveLink(link) local name = "myGists" local tab = "" for i,v in ipairs(listProjectTabs()) do if name == v then tab = readProjectTab(v) end end tab = tab .. "-- " .. link .. " -- project: \n" saveProjectTab(name,tab) end function getDkjson(cb) if not readGlobalData("Dkjson") then status, msg = "", "Downloading dkjson..." http.request("" .. "/HyroVitalyProtago/5965767/raw/" .. "73facb82eda4c92393c51535f8dd08728e25555d/Dkjson.lua", function(data) saveGlobalData("Dkjson", data) msg = "" cb() end) else cb() end end function setup() colors = { red = color(177, 49, 49, 255), yellow = color(203, 209, 60, 255), green = color(96, 181, 47, 255) } c = colors.yellow -- load dkjson library (download, if necessary) getDkjson(function() assert(loadstring(readGlobalData("Dkjson")))() assert(json.encode) assert(json.decode) -- display button menu menu() end) end function menu() -- Download gist via link in pasteboard parameter.action("DOWNLOAD: Paste link", function() local url = pasteboard.text or "" url = url:match("[^%s]+") msg = #url>256 and url:sub(1,256).."..." or url parameter.clear() parameter.action("Download gist", function() if not url:match("/raw") then url = url .. "/raw" end msg = "Downloading ..." http.request(url, function(data) pasteboard.copy(data) msg = "Success!\nDownloaded and copied to pasteboard." print("You can now close this project, then " .. "long-press 'Add New Project' button, and then " .. "choose 'Paste Into Project'") c = parameter.clear() end, function(err) msg, c = err, parameter.clear() end) end) end) -- Upload data from pasteboard to gist parameter.action("UPLOAD: Create new gist", function() local data = { description = 'Gists Codea Upload', public = true, files = { ['Project.lua'] = { content = pasteboard.text } } } parameter.clear() msg = "Uploading ..." http.request('', function(res) local link = "" .. json.decode(res).id msg, c = "Success!\n" .. link, pasteboard.copy(link) saveLink(link) print("link copied in the pasteboard and in tab myGists") parameter.action("View gist", function() openURL(link, true) end) end, function(err) msg, c = err, end, { method = 'POST', data = json.encode(data) }) end) end function draw() background(18, 18, 19, 255) fill(c) textWrapWidth(WIDTH-100) fontSize(35) if msg then text(msg, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2) end end
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