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Fireworks with meshes

Touch the upper part of the screen to launch bombs.
Touch the lower part of the screen to launch rockets.


  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    very nice. Thanks.

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    i love fireworks´╝îamazing

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    Is there a way that the fireworks can be generated automatically without the touch fx ? This will go good with the coding train #27 Fireworks.....With this video and PGM you can wrap your head around what's going on....the video is in java script, but it still has a function setup ( ) and a function draw ( )......and can be priced together......
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    This has an error msg :
    Asset strings ("planet cute star") are deprecated.
    Please use static assets, e.g., asset.
  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Any place you see an asset error, just tap on the name and reselect the name. It will correct itself.

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    This was a good PGM, but it didn't work on the i-phone with out some adjustments...I was able to make it fit on the i-phone screen by changing line 40, and changing the 180 to 30. But I'm having trouble taking out the touch fx and just looping the draw fx so I can just see the fireworks loop without touching. I tried stanching some lines from the touch fx and putting them in the draw fx, but I havent gotten anywhere yet. I tried looking at the coding train videos / fireworks, but was unable to transfer the java into lua...Does anyone have any ideas ? I would like to get this into my lua notebook.
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    I see this has two screen touch events, I'm going to try to put one of them into the draw fx and loop it from there...either one it doesn't matter....if I figure this out I'll post it just to share.....
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