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GAME JAM: People Popcorn

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Can't decide between the two options:

  1. People popcorn. Bounce the people into then rescue ships using exploding crates. Extra points for saving the queen. Complete with a finite state machine and high scores and sounds. Not entirely happy with the gameplay as directing people seems a bit random.

  1. Space invaderish. Shoot the incoming aliens. Flick to create rockets, tap for smartbombs (missile commandesque). Aliens get progressively faster and bonus ones appear at random (shields, extra smartbomb and a freeze which temporarily stops your rockets overheating). Still need to implement high score, finite state machine and sounds. Would also like to work on waves of aliens to get a feeling of progression, rather than its current survival mode.

Neither have much to do with "Responsiveness" :-/


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    I think space-invaderish would make a good multiplayer game: One player controls the aliens and the other tries to shoot them down.

    People popcorn feels like the more original idea.

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    Definitely like the people popcorn idea, it might be cool to have a co-op mode where the second person moves the rescue ship(somewhat slowly), but having two people on one screen would be tricky

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    People popcorn looks hilarious! I often wondered why there don't seem to be any Lemmings style games on iOS (not saying this is like Lemmings but little people being blown up reminded me of it)

    But it's hard though when you have an idea for an original mechanic to work out how exactly you're going to "gameify" it

    Neither have much to do with "Responsiveness"

    I disagree! People popcorn has loads of great animations, like the numbers ticking above the exploding crates etc.

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    @JakAttak - thanks for the suggestion - don't think multiplayer will make it into this version though!

    @Nathan interesting idea.

    @yojimbo2000 Unsurprisingly inspiration for People Popcorn came from lemmings. I was working on a lemmings clone but that's another project which has ground to a halt.

    Definitely think there is scope for a lemmings type game but making much more use of the touch interface. Problem was that the original Lemmings hit that perfect sweet spot and adding new elements seem a bit contrived

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    Ok - have plumped for People Popcorn. Don't know if I'll get a chance to change much more but here is the latest version

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    I love this lemmings clone! On nooooo :)

    Very, very interesting.

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    People Popcorn - now with added space chameleon! Starting to get a hungry hippos vibe to it! Next step is a two player mode if I get time.

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    I like it. Maybe a quicker tongue slap would give more pace to the game, just Imho

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    Yeah - the YouTube video is slow but I've already speeded it up(plus I've limited the tongue to the screen)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @West really like the whimsical nature of your game. Have you thought about adding accelerometer based "steering" of the exploded people so that you can have a bit more control over getting them eaten? (Or does it have that and I'm not seeing in the video.)

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    @Simeon - hadn't thought of that. Having added a second chameleon and having the tongues controlled by the direction you swipe makes it a lot easier to eat the people now and feels like you have a lot more control over it.

    Latest update includes some new graphics based on emojis, a second chameleon (called Agnes, the first one is called Clive) and the ability to eat bombs (not so tasty!)

    Video here - much slower than on the iPad.

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    This is really great, although you seem to eat bombs a lot lol

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    Minor update - fixed some bugs and added a kiss function if the two tongues collide. Have also updated the code repository:

    Make sure you have the sound up when playing :-)

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    ahaha, i like it even more now with two tongues. Poor things, shot and eaten in seconds ..

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    Btw anyone who comments in the thread will get included in the word list for the randomly generated fortune cookie statement at the start of the game. Starting to put the framework for a 2 player mode

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    @West here's my comment - WIBBLE.
    Just because I think to have the game randomly throw out wibble in a fortune cookie statement will give people a WTF? :)

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    @TechDojo - I actually meant that if you posted on this thread then I would add your name into the fortune cookie statement. But the inclusion of "Wibble" is a cunning plan - as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of cunning at Oxford University. ;-)

    I will added it to all three of the cookie elements.

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    Update: 2 player mode implemented. Bombs automatically generated and each player controls their half of the screen.

    Code posted here:

    2 player mode in action:

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    @West +1 :)

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    admirable,is it better to spit out fire?

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    I love the animation when the chameleons eat a bomb. How do I make their tongues work though? When I swipe I just drop a bomb

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    Use short flicks with one finger. Same routine as used in the simple space invaders game I posted on a separate thread.

    If you are in 2 player mode you can only flick in your half of the screen

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    Ok I got it. Hi score of 60! Damn these games are hard.

    Haven't seen my username in the opening blurb yet....

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    Is it only two player or is there a button to swap between modes?

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    @Nathan Tap on 1 Player / 2 Player to swap modes (sorry this isn't explicit!)

    @yojimbo2000 it's there but it's random which one it selects

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    @West a subtle feature of crossing tongues! Great game with a very original idea

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    @Luatee - thanks. It was nice to get a bit of time to add in these little extras and interesting how it evolved organically over the course of the week

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