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Texting with a digital girlfriend

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Something I whipped up at school during an hour of free time and bug fixed at home.



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    You might want to try something using tables like this, so it is easier to designate the response to a certain message:

    -- texting
    -- Use this function to perform your initial setup
    function setup()
        girls = {
        messages = {
            { you = "Let's break up.", girl = {
                "Ok, I understand. :(",
                "Why! We were so happy! :("
            } },
            { you = "Come over to my house, i'm having a party.", girl = {
               "Sure, I'll come around 6.",
               "Sounds like fun! I'll be there :)"
            { you = "Don't keep a secret from me, I watch you sleep at night.", girl = {
                "That's kind of creepy...",
                "Uhh... That's a little weird for me.."
        girl_chosen = girls[math.random(1, #girls)]
        print("Now chatting with: " ..girl_chosen)
        you = false
        parameter.action("Send a message", function() messager() end) 
        parameter.action("Ditch girl", function() ditch() end)
        print("Girl: Hey babe!")
    -- This function gets called once every frame
    function draw()
        -- This sets a dark background color 
        background(40, 40, 50)
    function messager()
        local chosen = messages[math.random(1, #messages)]
        print("You: " ..
        local girl = chosen.girl[math.random(1, #chosen.girl)]
        print("Girl: " .. girl)
    function ditch()
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    Wow, the texts you put in look so more realistic.

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    Lol, I'm probably the youngest coder on this app. I'm in my very early double digits so, I've never had a girlfriend (yet, someone likes me LOL)

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    I'll copy your code and do an update. I'm gonna add more texts.

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    This reminds me a lot of Clever Bot, man, that guy was random! =))

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    make an ai gf

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    i thought i'll make a male chauvinist pig comment, but i eventually decided not to...

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    Maby I'll add a girl's face on the screen (by god all means, it's gonna be hot, not scarring)

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    @code_maker, why not make text bubbles?

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    add a girl's expression´╝čsmile happy angry´╝č

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    Ok. I will look for some images for that (they will be appropriate and hot.)

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