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Need help with tables!

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I made a class. I will define the objects of this class with its x and y coordinates. Also I want to put all objects in a table. Its difficult to explain, i will give an example. If i want to define an object, could i write myTable[x][y] = something? How can i reach this sort of "two layered" table? Maybe with myTable = {{}}? If you have questions, comment! Thanks for responses!


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    Maybe something like this?
    This creates the objects in a table, then loops through the table drawing each object

    function setup()
        myTable = {}
        myTable[1] = myClass(100,100)
        myTable[2] = myClass(300,200)
    function draw()
        background(40, 40, 50)
        for k,v in pairs(myTable) do
    myClass = class()
    function myClass:init(x,y)
        self.x = x
        self.y = y
    function myClass:draw()
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    Yes, the methods you describe do work for 2 layered tables. Presumably, this is for static objects (like a map grid in a platform game)? It's not going to work if you want the x and y coordinates to change. You'd have to define each layer of the inner table as an empty table before you populate it. E.g.

    --populate an x y grid with perlin noise values
    local seed = math.random(5000)
    local rough = 15
    for x = 1,10 do
        map[x]={} --declare each column as a table
        for y = 1,10 do
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    Bullseye! Thanks for fast and clear responses!
    P.S.: I figured the draw function out :P

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