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Error in xcode

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Hi, im trying to test my game on a mac (yosemite via virtualization) and im getting weird erorrs!
when im trying to compile the game (clicking to the play icon), iOS simulator launches with my game and i see 2 errors. If i figure out how to post photos i will do so, but for now, here is the first error:

error: ...0AEB66/ bad argument #2 to 'pegmatch' (string expected, got nil)

I really dont know why this error appears, but i think it is blocking the setup function to run or it has something to do with CurrentOrientation.
Because the second error is from the draw() function, it cant index an object, that im creating in setup in an if-conditional with CurrentOrientation.
If you need more information, or maybe the code, comment below.
Thanks for reading!


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    How to do screen shots on a Mac (don't know whether this works with virtualization):

    • cmd-shift-3 - screen shot of whole screen
    • cmd-shift-4 crosshairs appear allowing you to drag a selection box for screen shot (esc to cancel)

      • press control while dragging selection rectangle to place screenshot in clipboard
      • or hit spacebar to take screenshot of the currently selected window
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    There is actually nothing to screenshot... Xcode shows nothing and in the simulation, there is only that bar at left with 2 errors

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    I have erased all lines of code, where it handles about json, now there are no errors, but i see only a black screen

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