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Using camera and perspective on a 2d project?

How would I use the perspective and camera on a 2d project, for example, a game like super smash bros, except with sprites. How would I get the camera to follow your character? Would I even need to use these? Thanks!


  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
    edited October 2015 Posts: 5,396

    @irie5000 - If your player is at Ax,Ay, then translate(Ax,Ay) will centre the camera on him.

    You can fake the perspective by giving all your positions a z value which is how far away they are, then when you draw, you can adjust their size in proportion to the distance, eg

    Ax,Ax,Az=300,400,1 --A is 1 pixel away from camera
    Bx,By,Bz=200,300,25 --B is 25 pixels away from camera
    --because we are in 2D, the z value will be ignored
    --but we can use it in draw like this
    --to scale the image size
    sprite(picA, Ax, Ay, picA.width/Az)
    sprite(picB, Bx, By, picB.width/Bz)
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