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Another competition, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away...



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    For anyone interested: here are zips of all these projects, at least the ones I could get code for. If I missed any let me know.

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    All of these have now been added to [Codea Community Repo](

    Once I've implemented the WebRepo UI the corresponding authors will be suitably credited.

    On a side note, if anyone wants to contribute or assist with adding projects to this do let me know. It'll could be better in the long run if I'm not the only maintainer.
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    @West now that these are potentially going to be kept alive for perpetuity, would it be possible to re-post the art assets you made but with transparent backgrounds instead of solid white?

    For my zipped versions I did a quick-and-dirty crop job to remove the white backgrounds, but it was very hacky and the sprites have a lot of janky white pixels if you look closely—it’s most noticeable in the matching card game, I think.

    If you want to post those here, I’ll add them to the zip files, and the art will look at least 10% better if not more.

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    @UberGoober I’ll take a look

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    Here’s the card match one

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    And the trench one 372.8K
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    This one is Fett Assault with the background image removed (in order to fit it under the 2MB forum limit). You have this in one of the other projects anyway

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    Here’s the Fett one with the good spritesheet and the background, and the Trench one with the good assets and a slight adjustment: in the original the cockpit doesn’t fill the screen, so it looks a little odd just floating there. I made it scale to the screen size; is that okay, @West?

    West posted his Card Match with the good spritesheet already, so there’s no need to repost that.

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