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Topdown shooter (splitscreen multiplayer): Full code/art shared inside

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A while ago I was having great fun with a 2D shooter project, so much in fact that I wanted, at the time, to get a full game out on the appstore (original post here:

Turns out I'm having a tough time... well ... finding time ^^ So anyways I figured I might as well share the project with our great Codea community :)

Here is the unfinished project "converted" to dropbox for easier sharing (all images will have to be extracted in the dropbox folder for it to work).
Most of the art is mine (made with the Graphic app on the iPad), except for the background and a few awesome sprites (credits to
The audio is straight from Codea's library, I tried to make the better of it.
Anyways, it's not amazing but I was pretty proud of the end result (smooth and fancy effects)

Art package:
To use it you need to extract it to your dropbox Codea app folder (for example: C:\Users\xavier\Dropbox\Apps\Codea) and obviously link/sync codea to your dropbox account.

Project source (should allow copy paste from ipad):
raw file:

Here is what the game looks like (last video I made). The game runs very nicely on iPad Air 2. It should run fine on older hardware, and if it doesn't there are a few possible tweaks (like disabling the shadow tile layer for example):

Once again, this is a dropped project, so you might find some of the code is inefficient, commented, unfinished, buggy etc...

Let me know if you have any questions or if you encounter any issues.


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    Can anyone help me get this working?

    It’s all zipped up as a nice Codea project, with all the art and everything, here:

    I think I’ve got all the sprite references in the new asset-dot-whatever format, but when the project runs I only see the starry background.

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    It looks like such an amazing project and I’d really love to get it archived but it no longer runs. I took a stab at it but only got to where it doesn’t crash. If anyone can help fix it up that’d be fantastic.

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