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Drawing a filled image

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Hi All,

Ran into this today, not sure if this is a true error or me being stupid. Ran following on iOS 10.1 on iPad Pro 9.7".

displayMode(OVERLAY) -- Use this function to perform your initial setup function setup() test = image(500,500) tw, th = spriteSize(test) setContext(test) rectMode(CENTER) fill(221, 32, 32, 255) rect(WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2, tw, th) -- background(255, 0, 4, 255) setContext() print(tw, th) end -- This function gets called once every frame function draw() -- This sets a dark background color background(40, 40, 50) -- This sets the line thickness strokeWidth(0) fill(228, 184, 55, 255) rect(WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2, tw, th) spriteMode(CENTER) sprite(test, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2) end

I expect to get a square red sprite centred on the screen, but I see a small red rectangle with a bigger yellow square behind. If I use a red background on the sprite I get the sprite I need with none of the yellow rectangle showing. Can someone please confirm this and tell me what I am doing wrong?




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    Please ignore this, found the problem the rectangle written to the sprite uses the screen centre point coordinates not that of the sprite !!

    Doh!!! Late night, need sleeeeep !!!!



  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    @Bri_G Don't worry about it. I do things like that even after a good nights sleep. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of the default settings.

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