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Request for two small but ultra-helpful tweaks

in General Posts: 1,187

If possible, making to tweaks to the next version would be very very helpful for me:

One, can you make it so that the keyboard retains its current state whenever the space bar is pressed?

Two, can you make the color picker constrain itself to the actual values that will be displayed on the screen?


One: currently the keyboard reverts to the regular character keyboard whenever you press the space bar. I was taught that best practices for formatting mathematical operations in code was to put a space between all numbers and operators. In other words, for readability, "(2 + 7) * (3 - (someNumber / 2))" is superior to "(2+7)*(3-(someNumber/2))". It may not look that much different, but the more equations you have all over the place, the more it becomes really helpful. Anyway, I know people have different practices, that's just how I was taught. In Codea, using that style of formatting is quite laborious, because pressing space after an operator means you get automatically dumped backed to the normal character keyboard, and then you have to tap your way back to the number or operator keyboard again to finish the equation.

Two: after much trial and error, with my colors not looking quite the way I wanted them to, I realized that the in-code color picker lets you pick more colors than Codea will actually use. This isn't an actual example, but it's the same thing as actually happens: say I pick (231, 18, 115, 255) in the in-code color picker. After I tap run, run the program, and come back to the code, the numbers will have changed to something close to what I chose, but not exactly what I chose, such as (228, 18, 110, 255). Again, if you actually use those exact numbers you won't get that result, I just made them up for illustration. But that exact thing does happen all the time. This causes a lot of confusion, because I'll pick the color just the way I want it, run the program, and think "that doesn't look quite right," and go back and change it again and again and again until I realize Codea simply won't let me choose the color I want no matter what I do. All that trouble would go away if the color picker didn't allow false colors to be chosen in the first place.

These aren't major changes, I don't think, but both of them would save me lots of time, and I'm pretty sure they would save other people lots of time also.

Thanks and keep up the great work!



  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,287

    @UberGoober Change number One is irritating, but that's not just a Codea thing. There are other apps that do the same thing with numbers and the space bar. That's why I don't put spaces in equations. Change number Two I can't get to happen. Are you referring to fill(), tapping in between the (), and selecting a color. I created a program with a whole bunch of fill commands with different color values, and none of them changed values no matter how many times I ran the code. So maybe I'm not doing exactly what you're doing. As for getting changes made, I requested some changes 2 or 3 years ago and I still haven't seen them. Getting requests made would be nice, but they're not game changers so I really don't care about them.

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