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GitBridge: save and back up Codea code to your own development machine and git working directory

It's beginning to look like every programmer who starts to use Codea decides to create a new way to move code into and out of the iPad Codea environment! It seems like a "Hello World"-type of thing..

I saw several of them out there, and tried quite a few. None of them quite nailed the particular approach I was hoping for.

I came across a brilliant project called backupCodea, which gave me hope that something just like what I would personally find most convenient was possible.

It is available on github:

GitBridge has a small lua script named git_bridge.lua that you start and leave running on your development machine, inside a git working directory. (This early-release version of GitBridge was developed on and for Linux machines.)

A Codea project named GitBridge allows you to specify an IP address, a TCP port, and a list of projects. You click a parameter.bool, and the projects are transferred to or from git_bridge.lua. The server does git commits automatically whenever it receives files. When files are copied over into Codea, the local files are checked for any edits or changes. If there are any, they get saved in a git branch "codea_backup" over on your development machine.

You can do all of the usual things with git on your development box; rebases, pushes and pulls to remote bare git repositories, etc.

GitBridge is dirt-simple. The goals were that it should be simple and minimal, and it should be easy to install and use.

I would be delighted to hear comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. from anyone who downloads and tries GitBridge.

Greg Johnson



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    Just fixed and pushed a bug in versions prior to lua 5.3.

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