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Unstability of Codea when reading a Multi-page pdf file.

I have ben using some 50 image files (png) as sprites. I want to put those images together into one pdf file and get them with "readImage()" command by specifying corresponding page. Since the size of individual files are slightly different, I wrte "myImage = readImage( Dropbox:fileName, _ , _ , pageNumber), and sprite(myImage, x, y, width) "
It worked and I could see the image, however, Codea crashed right after the action.
I get the same results when I specify width and height in readImage() command.

Is there any tips to stabilize for multi page pdf reading? Should the size of each page the same?


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 7,612

    Try adding collectgarbage() in the routine. It recovers unused memory each time it's called. Running out of memory might be the cause of the crash.

  • Posts: 22

    Thank you for your prompt suggestion.
    Actually, I placed the readImage() command in the draw routine, so that it makes too many access to the memory.
    By putting a flag to limit access to memory, it become stable. I learned I must be careful about handring the draw routine archtecture of Codea.
    But I also learned that collectgarbage() might be a nice tip to overcome future crash problem.

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