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A copy of Ignatz tutorial

edited February 2017 in General Posts: 110

I recently have read a kind of "interactive" online book about python. It had all sorts of stuff like tests at the end of a chapter and that kinda thing, so I though I might try to make something similar of Ignatz "Codea for beginners" ebook I did the first chapter and this is what I got This would obviously be changed a lot to make it look better, but what do you all think about this rough draft?
And of course all credit goes to @Ignatz
Also on a side note, I made this on a desktop. I don't know how it might look on an iPad.


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    Hi! I like your idea a lot. Your draft makes fun. It's a bit "different" but could be very useful. Keep going!

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    *sorry, I meant: it's funny, instead of "makes fun" (english is not my mother tongue).

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    Keep going maybe it will learn me how to make better performance
    (Im the worst at upgrading the performance in my projects)

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