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Spine2D support for Codea

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Hello guys,

As announced on my twitter account I finally completed the Spine2D runtime integration for Codea.

At the moment I'm still writing some higher-level API to wrap Spine's most frequently used methods for convenience, but the library is now 100% usable.
I uploaded the source-code to GitHub using Codea-SCM
(I might provide a standalone installer later on, since I don't have the time right now.)

GitHub Repository:

To try this out for yourself, do this:

1) Install and setup Codea-SCM:
2) Create an empty project and "link" it with Codea-SCM
(project: the name of your empty project, remote:
3) Inside Codea-SCM, "Pull" the source code from GitHub into your emty project

4) Now download the Spine runtime:
You only need the "/spine-lua" folder. Drop it into your DROPBOX as it is.

5) Now gather some examples you want to try and drop them also into your Dropbox.
I created a subfolder inside my Dropbox called "/spine-data" and dropped fallowing project files into it:

  • raptor.json, raptor.atlas, raptor.png,
  • goblins.json, goblins.atlas, goblins.png,
  • spineboy.json, spineboy.atlas, spineboy.png,
  • alien.json, alien.atlas, alien.png,
  • tank.json, tank.atlas, tank.png

Run the project and enjoy.


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    @se24vad are you saying that if I copy and paste all the code into a project, i can get animation?

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    @CamelCoder it is the goal of the library. But the library is not working properly right now. That is why I ask for help.

    Maybe somebody can try this code and find why it isn't working consistently with all spine projects.

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    #edit wanted to attach a tweet, but hey... doesn't work.
    Here's the link.

    I finally got Spine2D completely working in Codea. I'll clean up the code and extend a little, before I share it.

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    Wow @se24vad this is gonna be a huge advancement, so many people want animation, and you finally made it feasible. Can't wait to see how you got it to work!

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    Updated the post.
    Grab the source and try it yourself.

    PS: Would be nice if you post some performance data here. Just for comparison.

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    Haven't tried it yet, but looks awesome, great work!

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    @se24vad I noticed that Spine2D costs money, is there any way that you can get it to me?

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    The software is not free, but you can get the "indie" version for ~50 bucks. Although it seems to be much, I think its totaly worth its money. Spine has already become the industry standard for 2d animation.

    You can try "DragonBone" as its similar to Spine, but free. It's very buggy though and I couldn't get its files to run in Codea.
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    Very good job! I like it.

    @CamelCoder If you want a free one, there is Dorothy:

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