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Spine2D support for Codea

edited March 2017 in Code Sharing Posts: 505

Hello guys,

As announced on my twitter account I finally completed the Spine2D runtime integration for Codea.

At the moment I'm still writing some higher-level API to wrap Spine's most frequently used methods for convenience, but the library is now 100% usable.
I uploaded the source-code to GitHub using Codea-SCM
(I might provide a standalone installer later on, since I don't have the time right now.)

GitHub Repository:

To try this out for yourself, do this:

1) Install and setup Codea-SCM:
2) Create an empty project and "link" it with Codea-SCM
(project: the name of your empty project, remote:
3) Inside Codea-SCM, "Pull" the source code from GitHub into your emty project

4) Now download the Spine runtime:
You only need the "/spine-lua" folder. Drop it into your DROPBOX as it is.

5) Now gather some examples you want to try and drop them also into your Dropbox.
I created a subfolder inside my Dropbox called "/spine-data" and dropped fallowing project files into it:

  • raptor.json, raptor.atlas, raptor.png,
  • goblins.json, goblins.atlas, goblins.png,
  • spineboy.json, spineboy.atlas, spineboy.png,
  • alien.json, alien.atlas, alien.png,
  • tank.json, tank.atlas, tank.png

Run the project and enjoy.


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