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limits of codea?

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i read somewhere on here that making a complex game like civ 5 would be probably a bad idea.

but im very new to coding, so how reasonably complicated can you make a game in codea?

could you make a rpg size game? with loads of content and things to lvl up?

very new to codea just downloaded a few days ago, there also doesnt seem to be many places to learn through tutorials, only really found these forums and like 1 other place, and a few youtube vids here and there not much though. would the best way to learn just be to learn lua? or continue going through projects like i am now to see how they work? seems slow but is that the best way to learn?


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    Codea is pretty hefty, and it can withstand most complex games. Yes, you could make an RPG with content-heavy gameplay as long as you have the time and machinery (Like, an iPod touch 3rd gen probably isn't reasonable for that).
    That's the catch, though. RPGs can get R E A L L Y code heavy because of the content, and chances are, you probably won't want a 1GB program on your device (Unless you plan on selling it) just laying there.

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    Best resource for learning Codea is @Ignatz blog:

    In terms of what it's capable of, you can see App Store releases made with Codea here:

    In terms of making an RPG, where you might struggle is in terms of content management. Codea doesn't have Sprite editors/ tilemap editors built in, so you'd either have to write your own, or work out a way to import files created in tilekit/ spritesomething or whatever other tools you want to use.

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    mi confused @yojimbo2000 , i was under the assumption i could just link my dropbox sprites into the game? and theres a few pixel editors on ipad, but do you mean like as far as animations go? yea like how would i go about having animated sprites? is that possible in codea? most of the examples dont seem to be animated.

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    oh i get you, you mean like the world? creating the tilemaps.... yea that was something i didnt think of actually... hm

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    omg his tutorials seem very detailed! thank you @yojimbo2000

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