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Starsceptre is live !! my second Codea game

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Hi, so this game has been almost two years in the making. I've been on these boards on and off for help and everyone has been brilliant.

I wanted it share the latest trailer in the rush to finish this game. Hope you like.

The Major



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    Wow, that is awesome. Love the artwork, the way the ship tilts.

    Is it a bullet-hell mechanic, with bullet grazing and so on?

    Tell us about the controls. Lots of shots of people tapping their iPads, please tell me it also has an auto fire option! It also looks like it has tilt controls? Is there an option for touch controls too?

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    Wow, it really has been 2 years already!

    It's interesting how fit and finish always takes waaaaaay longer than getting to the initial proof-of-concept.

    Congratulations for sticking it out.

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    Holy crap, that looks AMAZING!

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
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    @Majormorgan Well done, amazing job! Love the retro style graphics and music. Let us know when it's available on the AppStore!

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    @Majormorgan I am also making a spaceship game right now, and if anyone were to compare mine to yours side to side, they would delete my game. Yours looks freaking amazing, Great Job!

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @Majormorgan that's the coolest game I've seen made in Codea. I remember your early prototypes — and I used to demo them to people to show off Codea because they were so stunning.

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    This is amazing i hope it will come out soon and be a hit!
    And its made in Codea!

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    That game is fantastic! :o
    I'm really impressed with the graphics and artwork! This is definitely one of the best games I've seen on Codea! :) I can really understand how that took 2 years! ;)

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    Beautiful. Fantastic work. Every minute of the time you spent shows in the finished product.

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    Thank you all for your kind words and support.

    Some of you have been on this journey with me as I've discovered new ways to code and some of you have created code I could use directly when my tiny mind hasn't been able to comprehend it. It has all been an amazing and long experience. I hope once its out you love it as much as I do. Will keep you all posted. Thanks again!!!!

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Congrats MajorMorgan!

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    Wow, that is amazing @Simeon - great to see people discuss our game. Thanks!!!!!

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    And here's a little something I released today (not the game yet)

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    So I've almost finished coding. Just one more week to go. I wanted to share my press release with you guys and gals to see what you think.
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    Nice article but I think the website needs a tweak. Three menu items along the top but not much content in each (and the press release is under "about" rather than say press). A short description of what the game is all about would be good along with a few screen shots.

    Game looks great and looking forward to playing it!

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    Totally @West ! Am on it! Thanks mate
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    Hey all. So v1.0 of the game is out. To think I thought I only had a week to go to finish it back in April. Too funny...

    You can find it here:
    Starsceptre by Richard Morgan

    I've written a bit more over in the released for Codea main thread. I've had so much help from the forum it's been incredible. Please read that for details.

    I hope you enjoy!
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    Have some of my American Currency @Majormorgan! It looks good and plays great!
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    Thanks @athros !! How far did you get? Would love to hear what you love and hate in a review maybe? Thanks again!!!
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    @Majormorgan May I ask you how you created your assets for the game? Because they look truly amazing!
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    Of course @GR00G0 - I create them in Photoshop, I work with a small canvas size 320x480 pixels and have a zoomed in view next to it so I can paint away pixel by pixel
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    Very nice looking game and also good press for Codea :)
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    Excellent! Very polished-loving the cut scenes. On level 3 boss - tough but just about beaten him. 5 star review left in the store
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    Tried to buy it - but unfortunately only available for iOS 10 and above :'( Any reason for that ? iPad 3 still working with most apps, although feeling a bit left behind.

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    Hey @timber that was an error on my part and one I'll be fixing with version 1.1 very soon. It will be set to iOS 9.3. Thanks!!!

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    Thanks @se24vad !!

    Thanks @West - check out this video clip of the credits that will go into v1.1. Watch until the end:

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    Nice :-)

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    Hi @Majormorgan, I look forward to v1.1 - thought I was becoming retro for a moment

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    Hi @Majormorgan

    Been playing quite a bit of StarSceptre recently. Was stuck on chapter 4 for ages - boss was too hard (for me) to kill using only the restart weapons. What I had to do was quit the game, restart and continue from the start of the chapter. This allowed me to build up the firepower through the level to kill the boss. It would be great if you could factor in a restart level or restart from last checkpoint option for a future update.

    I've also discovered the supercannon Easter egg, but am I right in thinking this is a one off and it starts you at level 1 rather than a permanent application for the session?

    A final niggle is that sometimes I get caught in a constant "tilt" loop with the ship (probably by moving my phone position and it thinks I'm constantly tilting it) - it would be good to have a way of recalibration the normal flat position in game (maybe via the pause menu?)

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    Hi @West - that feedback is ace and in fact I've worked on addressing all 3 of those things already. They've been finished for a week now in the new code and just finalising one more thing and it will be ready to send for an update.

    The game now has autofire so you can hold down to shoot. You can still tap faster if you like too.

    So the game now performs a mid-game save so once you kill the mid bosses it saves your progress and weapons etc...

    Also the bosses on all levels have been made slightly easier so you don't have to spend ages trying to kill them. Of course they are still challenging but it's easier now.

    The tilt mechanic has been fixed so that it detects the angle you play at the start of the game and then if you pull back further than that it does the loop the loop once. Only when you tilt away from you and return it past a certain level will it detect you are ready for loop the loop again, that way it stops the forever loopthelooping.

    Plus I've built in cinema mode which enables you to rewatch any unlocked cut scenes that you might have missed or skipped.

    Also the new version has that credits intro which I showed before. Did you spot yourself in them?

    Great feedback - very much appreciated!!!
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    What I really need from the forum is any feedback and ratings when v1.1 comes out very soon. V1.1 has the builds listed above. Your ratings and feedback on the App Store mean better visibility. Thanks all!!!!
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