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Competition: Animated poem about Codea!

AnatolyAnatoly Mod
in Competition Posts: 894

Make a code with a poem about/for Codea. The only rule: Don't copy & do not use 18th-content!

For Simeon's next b-day (When?)


  • Posts: 109

    what is 18th? how is the winner chosen? does the winner of such a competition get a prize aside from the grandios title of "1st place 2017 codea poem competiton"?

    the notion of a competition sounds neat, but seems more intreaging to me at least if there are stakes!

  • AnatolyAnatoly Mod
    Posts: 894

    3rd party? by a vote? no?

    its just for fun. Anyway, we don't know when simeon has birthday, but he needs present!!

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