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Screen record with sound yet?


So I was wondering how to enable sound recording as part of my screen recording in codea. Does anyone know how to get that set?


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 5,686

    As far as I know, Codea doesn't use the microphone yet so you can't do any sound recording.

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
    Posts: 363

    @Majormorgan We are looking into this (I've tested it and it works). iOS now has native support for screen recording (which includes sound). Alternatively you can simply plug your iPad into a mac and use Quicktime to record the screen with relative ease.

  • Posts: 248
    Thanks @dave1707 ! Yeah it's more the ingame music and sound I want to share as opposed to the mic.

    And thanks @John - I did see you had originally posted about sound when your first talked about the record screen feature you coded into codea. I totally use the connect to mac to do this for my trailer footage and works a treat. But sometimes I like to record in game footage for a fast social media share as I'm on the go and haven't got a mac laptop. Just means I can get people excited about it. I look forward to it! Thanks
  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
    Posts: 363

    @Majormorgan I understand. Originally it was too difficult to support due to how iOS worked back then. But now with ReplayKit it's a lot more straight forward and you can also record the code view and parameter window without any issues as well.

  • Posts: 248

    Thanks @John so will that make it into the next version? Cheers!

  • Posts: 110

    Recording in game sound would certainly be a fantastic addition! =)

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